Many people are looking for legit ways to make money online. The problem is that often they opt for courses which are a scam. Not only, they lose their money, but they also lose the drive to succeed online.

That is why; complete beginners always find it difficult to make money online. The truth is that, if you do a bit of research rather than trusting the sales of various products, it will be easy for you to choose the right courses to make money online.

We have taken on the role of reviewing various affiliate marketing and make money online products to help you find out which one is a legit option. Today, we will look into Second Income Center and answer the question is Second Income Center a scam. Stay tuned to find out.

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What is Second Income Center (SIC)?

Let us start with the basics. Second Income Center claims that it will help you create a business from home which will allow you to earn anywhere between $500-$1500 each day.

It argues that to make that kind of money, all you have to do is just put in a few hours at your convenience to produce such results. It highlights the fact that the work will be minimal as there are no technical skills required.

The product further claims that you do not need to have any experience at all to succeed with the blueprint they provide.

The only problem is that it seems way too good to be true. Beginners often trust such sales videos like the one on their homepage.

When you look at the amount of hype on the landing page, it inevitably raises some red flags. Another problem is that it misses out on crucial information like the current office headquarters of the company or the founders.

What Does SIC Have To Offer?

 Second Income Center advertising page
Let’s take a glance at the contents of SIC. The main program that is offerd in SIC is Personal Computer Success. SIC is just an affiliate of the program personal computer success. From this information alone, you should stay a considerable distance away from SIC.

The program that SIC promotes advocates fake business model known as link posting. The program asks you to pay $97 to access the job vacancies to get the link posting work. The only problem is that job vacancies are not real.

Even if you spend that $97, in the sales funnel, you will be made to go through many upsells. The upsells will be for many different coaching programs.

The only issue here is that almost all of these coaching programs are sketchy. Thus, not only will you end up spending money on SIC but also probably fall for the marketing gimmicks through the various upsells.

In the end, you will part with a significant sum of money. Most of the upsells are not useful at all just like SIC.

What exactly is link posting?

Link posting involves spamming the URL or an affiliate link of a website. You will post the links on various sites in the comments section as well as in community forums and on social media websites.

The only problem is that since it is a spamming activity, sooner than later, your account will be banned and you might have to create a fake account to continue with your link posting activity.

With strong spam protection in place on most of these websites, your link will not go live. Thus, even if you spend hours daily posting links, you will not be able to make a significant amount of money. Most of the sites will just ghost your links. Ghosting results in the links meaning not being visible to anyone.

Even if your links go live on some of the platforms, the conversion rate will be incredibly low. You can not even make the bare minimum wage posting links day in and day out. The claims of the product to make $500 to $1,500 per day will seem like a distant dream.

So, the jobs where someone else pays you for link posting are non-existent. If you try to post your affiliate links or your website, you will probably most likely be ghosted. Either way, you cannot make money with link posting.

The bonus cheat sheet:Second Income Center cheat sheet


SIC also offers you a bonus cheat sheet to increase your income once you pay for the product initially. SIC will provide you with a list of affiliate programs which you can use for link posting. Since SIC is their affiliate, these programs have made it to the list.

Some of the programs are downright sketchy which will reduce the size of the cheat sheet significantly. In spite of providing the cheat sheet, it will not help you in the longer term. You will have to research a lot to find a couple of legit affiliate programs on that list.

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Is SIC suitable for you?

The problem with SIC is that it is selling a system that just doesn’t work. No matter how much hype it has garnered, it will not help you make money what so ever. That is why SIC is not suitable for anyone.

What should you know about SIC?

There are a few other negative points about SIC which you should know. We will highlight them below.

1. Success stories are fake:

Is Second Income Center a Scam
On the landing page, you will find multiple success stories from various individuals who claim to be members. The only problem is that the member names are made up and the images against the names of the members are royalty images.

It indicates that the reviews are fake. Some of the testimonials are from individuals who sell video testimonial services on Fiverr. Thus, you can safely assume that most of the reviews if not all are fake.

2. SIC is an affiliate program:

The biggest red flag is that SIC is not a system on its own. It is just promoting personal computer success. An original program will never do that.

3. Creates a lot of hype:

The claims which are made by SIC that you can make up $500 to $1500 per day are false. You will be lucky if you can make back the cost of the product.

Moreover, when you do it day in and day out, you will not even be able to make the minimum wage. Thus, it misrepresents affiliate marketing completely and boosts the expectations of the customers in order to convert them.

There is no way that you can achieve an income of $500 to $1500 per day with the help of SIC. In most of the cases, your link posting accounts will be banned.

There are chances that your IP might also get flagged. That is why instead of gaining something you will end up being at the crappy end of the stick.

Keeping these factors in mind before deciding on SIC is essential.


• None


• Promotes another affiliate product

• Link posting does not work

• Lots of upsells

• The cheat sheet is not useful

• Makes fake claims

• Fake testimonials

• Not an actual business

Is Second Income Center a Scam: Conclusion?

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The answer to the question is Second Income Center a scam, is yes. You need to stay away from it. There are many legit courses and programs out there that can help you make money through affiliate marketing the right way.

Instead of going with something like SIC, it is essential to go with genuine ways. If you’re ready for an affiliate marketing platform that provides you with training and all the resources that you need to get started online, then I invite you to checkout Wealthy Affiliate today.