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Is Seven Figure Formula A Scam? Many people think that stocks are the way to riches. You need to however keep in mind that finding such multi-bagger stocks is not an easy task. You have to search far and wide, and after that, you will get a single multi-bagger stock.

Besides, for every multi-bagger which you find, there will be a handful of stocks which will drive your capital down to 0. That is why; it is tough for you to make money through multi-bagger stocks. However, there are a few programs which promise to help you in that regard.

One such program is Seven Figure Formula (SFF). It promises to help you find right penny stocks which can turn multi-baggers and provide you with the exponential return. The problem is that there are many such programs which claim to do so but seldom work.

That is why, before you go with SFF, it is essential to see and answer the question of, is Seven Figure Formula a scam? You can go through our SFF review today to get the answer.

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What is Seven Figure Formula (SFF)?

SFF markets itself as a system which will allow you to pick penny stocks without detailed research of the stock market. You can make some life-changing amount of returns. Penny stock is usually a stock which will cost you just a few cents.

However, since it will be a company which can turn around in the future, the returns can be exponential. If indeed, it helps you find penny stocks, it can make a lot of money, but the question is that is SFF legit.

SFF claims that you can convert your $100 into millions. Let us know more about the find founders before we go any further.

About SFF creators:

Is Seven Figure Formula A Scam
The founders of SFF are Greg Guenthner and Jonas Elmerraji. Both of them have established credentials when it comes to Wall Street. In the past, they have launched products on their own as well.

The last couple of products by Guenthner were Profit Spy and The Rude awakening. Elmerraji is part of Agora Financial which launched the previously mentioned products.

They have worked in conjunction in the past to launch different products. That, however, does not mean that every product which they launch is up to the mark. That is why; you have to take the marketing claims with a pinch of salt.

What are the membership options of SFF?

SFF has on offer three membership options. These are:

• The silver plan which will cost you $49 per year.

• The platinum plan which will cost you $79 per year.

• The gold plan which will cost you $89 per year.

Currently, the platinum plan has a special offer due to which, it is more affordable than the gold. When you look at the original pricing, it is at $99.

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What does SFF have to offer?

Let us now look at the things included in the membership. These will help you determine if SFF provides any value or not.

1. Monthly newsletters:

The monthly newsletters often consist of stocks which can provide you with 100% or higher return in one year. It also highlights the fundamentals of the stocks.

2. Weekly updates:

The weekly updates involve new opportunities which are present due to volatility in the stock market. It also includes information regarding the fundamentals of various companies. The report will help you understand the kind of opportunity which is present.

3. The monthly SFF penny stock report:

The highlight of the membership is this report. It will share with you a penny stock in which you can invest over your email. You can know more about the company and why you should invest in the stock.

4. Bonus report:

The first bonus report provides you with three chances to double your money. It consists of a blueprint with the help of which, you can increase your money without any prior knowledge in the stock markets. It will also help you generate a six-figure profit.

5. The SFF Revealed:

The document which we are discussing now will help you understand how computer programming and trading can work together to make you a significant amount of money. It allows you to understand the use of options to make money. However, it focuses solely on the penny stocks rather than the normal ones.

6. The SFF hot sheet:

The document which we are discussing now will let you know how your investments are performing. It will also provide you with more insights about the companies in which you have parked your capital. As a result, you can track the results with the help of this document.

7. Second Bonus:

The second bonus will help you understand how you can trade in penny stocks. It will cover topics like buying, building, and selling. Thus, it will answer a lot of your questions which will help you use the information provided by the SFF.

These are not the only parts of SFF. You will also gain access to the members-only website, trading videos and various seminars. While all of this sounds good but the problem is that it seems like too good to be true.

Factor 148

Is Seven Figure Formula a scam
Factor 148 is a magic formula which is on offer by SFF. It claims to help you in anticipating and protecting spikes in the penny stocks. Hence, it is easy for you to buy the penny stocks just ahead of this spike. The only bit of issue is that it does not work.

Nobody can predict when the stock will move. That is why; it is just a promotional gimmick and nothing else.

The problem with SFF is that it promises a lot. It even promises things which are impossible. That is why it seems like it is just selling snake oil. There are much better and legit ways to make money online and off-line rather than investing in a course which does not do what it says.

Is SFF suitable for you?

The right answer is that it is not suitable for anyone. Penny stocks are highly risky, and for every multi-bagger stock, you will find multiple which will reduce your capital considerably. In the end, it will not be suitable for you and your portfolio will be down in the red.

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What should you know about SFF?

There are a few shortcomings of SFF which you should always know. These include:

1. Fake testimonials:

The truth is that most of the testimonials on the landing page are false. That is why, if you are convinced about SFF after reading these testimonials, it is time to rethink once again. The images of the individuals are from Shutter stock which means that they had fake testimonials.

2. It does not produce results:

When you look at the BBB page of the company, there are more than 300 complaints. It indicates that the system does not work. You can end up wasting a lot of your capital when you follow the penny stock ideas which they share with you.

3. It promises impossible:

It guarantees that it can let you know when the penny stock will move up. Factor 148 is nothing but just a smokescreen.

These problems with SFF highlight that it is not worth it. You must stay away from it rather than getting lured by the marketing pitch of the product.


• Helps you understand penny stocks (Theoretically)

• Offers you a couple of bonuses


• Does not work

• Recommends high-risk investments

• Fake testimonials

• Promises impossible returns

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Verdict – Is Seven Figure Formula A Scam?:

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is Seven Figure Formula a scam, is yes. You need to stay as far away as possible from it.

If you are serious about making money online, you should opt for legit courses rather than just believing the hype created by various products. Click here to lear about the #1 most legit ways to make money online!