Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam? Dividend income is a lucrative proposition for many investors. Investors always dream of earning a hefty dividend income so that they can lead a life of luxuries. However, there are very few programs which can help you achieve the same.

Trump Bonus Checks (TBC) claims to do that precisely. It asserts that you can make anywhere between $60,000- $120,000. Furthermore, it generates a perception that it is some of the US President’s program.

There are a couple of red flags which you need to be aware of right away. It is evident that many investors will have the question Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam? We will answer it today. We will go into the details of TBC to help you understand if it is legit or whether it is just another scam.

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What is Trump Bonus Checks (TBC)?

Trump Bonus Checks (TBC) claims to be a stock trading platform. The sole aim of the platform is to help you buy stocks which can pay rich dividends.

However, once you sign up with the platform, you will realize that it is a funnel for a newsletter with the name of infinite income. It is a paid newsletter. That is why; you have to shell out extra money as well.

The basic idea of the program is that you can make $4000- $10,000 every month by exploiting a tax loophole. It claims that until the time, your name goes off the list, you can earn consistent checks. You have to take the effort to enroll yourself on the list.

The landing page makes it clear that you do not need any prior experience to execute the strategy offered by TBC.

What does TBC have on offer?

Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam?

If you’re an experienced investor, you will realize how difficult it is to make $4000-$10,000 in dividend income every month. That is why; TBC hopes that gullible investors will fall for the trap.

Since it uses a political angle to promote the product, there are chances that Pres.’s supporters might fall for the get rich quick scheme. There are plenty of press release type testimonials present on the landing page. If you’re new to the world of investing, you might end up believing these claims.

How much money can you make from TBC?

The program advises you to buy high-dividend stocks. One of the examples which it highlights is Target. It claims that Target is a high dividend stock and pays dividend frequently throughout the financial year. Consequently; it is one of the ideal ways to earn a consistent dividend income.

If you look at the share price of Target, it is around $80. The dividend which you will receive on an annual basis is about $2.35. If you want to make anywhere between $4000- $10,000 per month as promised by TBC, you will have to invest close to $500,000. After that, you will have to take out your initial investment before counting the dividends as profit.

The problem is with the market; it is so volatile that your initial investment is not safe. While you might get dividends but that is not an income at all. You have to recover that $500,000 and that can take quite a bit of time even at the rate of $10,000 per month.

Besides that, TBC does not take into account that everyone cannot afford to invest $500,000 in a single stock. It might be too risky for some whereas others might not have such a significant amount of capital at their disposal. In all probability, they exaggerate the earnings claims made by the program.

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What does Infinite income offer?

As we highlighted above, TBC is a funnel for infinite income. Infinite income is a newsletter. It costs anywhere between $49 per year to $129 per year. When you visit the landing page of Infinite Income, they claim that they offer you a big earning opportunity which is disaster proof. Once you sign up for it, you will receive the instructions via email. Currently, they have three different packages to offer. These are:

• The digital subscription for 12 months which costs around $49.

• The best deal subscription for 12 months which costs about $79.

• The premium print and digital subscription for 12 months which costs you approximately $129.

Apart from the well-researched recommendations, there are a few bonuses which come along with TBC. These include:

• 3-steps to trump checks: It is an e-book which helps you buy dividend stocks and explains the entire process.

• Disaster-proof portfolio: It explains different strategies to protect your capital from volatility in the market.

• Buy this, not that: It offers you stock tips which are suitable for retail investors.

• 12-issues of infinite income: These issues are the product for which you are paying.

• Monthly conference calls: You gain access to conference calls in which you can ask questions to the team.

• Model portfolio: The model portfolio allows you to monitor their strategy and know more about the type of stocks in which you should invest.

• Price alert emails: If there is high volatility in the market or if there is a significant move in one of their stocks, you will get an email alert for the same.

These are the contents of infinite income which you get. While all of these might seem to provide tremendous value but the truth is that most of the plain-Jane investors to whom they are marketing their product might not have the required capital to earn that kind of income. Without money, it is tough for you to make such an amount of revenue.

One more thing which you have to keep in mind is that when investing in stocks, there is nothing as disaster-proof or risk-free. That is why; the claims are not true after all.

What should you know about TBC?

You should know about the red flags. Once you are aware of these red flags, it is easy to make your decision.

1. Fake deadlines:

When the product was first launched, the time limit was October 16. After that, they extended the deadline once again. The deadline extension has happened many times, and the current one is May 14. The claim which the product makes is that you have to enroll in the program before this date to make the system work for you.

2. Fake news claims:

If you have visited the landing page of TBC, you will realize that they claim that they featured in news plenty of times. The truth is that those claims are fake. There is no mention of TBC in Fox News or any other media outlets.

3. Fake quotes:

The landing page is full of recommendations from celebrity entrepreneurs. An example is a recommendation by Tim Cook which clearly states that TBC is good for America. The quote is not real and the entrepreneur’s speech was manipulated to get this quote.

4. No actual reviews:

Apart from the reviews on the landing page, there are hardly any other reviews of TBC. That is why; it is risky to opt for it.

These red flags certainly make it shady. Now that you are aware of the details of the program, we will now answer the question is Trump Bonus Checks a scam?

Is TBC suitable for you?

A Lady with a Trump Bonus Checks

TBC is not suitable for anyone. While it is not a scam but the income claims are exaggerated and require a significant amount of capital, and that is why; it is not suitable for anyone in anyway.




• Requires a significant amount of capital

• Not suitable for retail investors

• Too much risk

• No way to get income for years

• The landing page is full of fake information

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Verdict – Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam?:

While TBC might not be a scam but it is indeed shady. It exaggerates the income claims and does not mention that you would have to invest over $500,000 to get that kind of income.

Due to this very reason, it is not suitable for retail investors. There are plenty of other money making opportunities online,  that you can use instead. Click HERE to learn more about them today.

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