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Survey websites have become quite popular in recent times. Many people use them on a regular basis to generate part-time income.

Choosing only the right and legit online survey websites is essential. Many of them do not have a lot of surveys or do not pay on time. It is better to avoid those sites.

One site which is gaining a lot of attention is VIP Voice. VIP Voice is an online survey website.

The only bit of problem is that most of the individuals do not know is VIP Voice a scam or not. Unless and until you go through our VIP Voice review, it is not a good idea to go ahead and sign up on it.

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What is VIP Voice?

NDP group is the owner of VIP Voice. It is a market research group. It is an intermediate website which offers quite a few reviews to conduct market research for its clients. The parent company is in New York.

The business model is similar to other survey websites like Pinecone Research. There are however a couple of ways in which it stands out as compared to the peers. These are:

1. VIP Voice itself prepares the questions of the surveys. It does not rely on third-party questionnaires or service. As a result, you can consistently find a large number of surveys on the website.

2. The website gathers all the opinion and correlates the data according to the segments and after that provides them to brands and companies.

Currently, VIP Voice is only open for the USA and Canadian citizens. That is why; it is available only to the developed countries.

What does VIP Voice offer?

The main advantage of the website generating its questionnaires is that the user experience is much better. Moreover, the surveys are almost always available. When you complete a survey, you will gain a set number of points.

At the start, for the new members, the number of surveys available might be less. However, as you complete more and more surveys, the number of surveys which you will get will also be on the higher side.

When you click on a survey, it will allow you to see the time needed to complete the survey and whether you qualify for the survey or not. A few examples of such surveys include:

• 10-minute survey about the lunch which you had yesterday – 150 points

• 2-minute survey about apparel shopping habits – 150 points

Thus, as you can see most of the surveys evaluate spending and shopping habits.

Rewards: Is VIP Voice A Scam

With the help of the points system, the website will keep track of the number of surveys which you have completed. The points will allow you to understand better how much money you have made. You can trade these points for various types of rewards.

The only bit of problem is that during the initial stages, you will earn minimal points for the surveys. As you complete more surveys, your membership level increases.

Once your membership level increases, the number of points which you can make per survey will also increase.


When you complete your first survey, you can get 25 participation points and 50 qualification points. Similarly, once you have completed more than 20 surveys, you can get 200 participation points for each survey and 550 qualification points for each survey.

Thus, the more surveys you complete, the higher will be the points earning. Five different membership levels are depending on the number of surveys which you have finished.

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Converting the points:

One of the main drawbacks of VIP Voice is that you cannot convert the points into actual cash. You will have to swap them for various rewards. None of these rewards will allow you to convert the points into cash.

You will enter a sweepstakes area which is known by the name of Sweepland. Using the points, you can put in your entries into the sweepstakes.

You can also head over to the options area which goes by the name of Bidland. You can bet on various products. The products or prizes on offer can be anything like:

• Digital Tablet

• Hotel tickets

• Movie tickets

The items which you can bid will vary from one day to another. You can easily bid on the stuff which you want.

Is VIP Voice suitable for you?

Is VIP Voice a good choice? Lady on laptop
Now that you are clear about the business model of VIP Voice, it is essential to understand if it is suitable for you or not. It is only suitable for two types of people which are:

• People who want to earn rewards by devoting some of their time on a daily basis.

• Businesses who wish to use VIP Voice to gain data from the consumers.

It is essential for you to understand whether you can devote your time to a website which does not offer you any cash awards.

It only provides you rewards in kind. If you’re okay with that, you can consider VIP Voice. However, it is essential to look into some of the drawbacks of VIP Voice before enrolling on the platform.

What should you know about VIP Voice?

The drawbacks of this website include:

1. You will not earn real Cash:

You cant actual cash irrespective of the effort and time you put in the site. There might be some sweepstakes prizes which might involve some money, but that’s about it.

You can get a lot of different rewards and bid for products in the auction, but it is challenging to make any cash using this website.

2. Gift cards are not entirely free:

Once you get the gift cards, you might think that you will purchase each and everything you want. The only bit of problem is that to activate those gift cards or use those gift cards, you might have to spend a certain amount of money.

Thus, in spite of using the points which you made by completing surveys, the gift cards are not entirely free.

3. Referral model:

VIP Voice heavily relies on a different model. You need to recruit more members if you want to make any money.

The website offers a commission of anywhere from $1.99 to $3 for every referral. The site pays for referrals in cash. Thus, it is one of the very few ways in which you can make some money from this website.

Thus, it is vital to take into account these drawbacks to understand whether VIP Voice is worth it or not.


• Plenty of surveys

• Easy to understand questionnaires


• No cash earnings

• Relies on referral business model

• Gift cards are not free to use

• Not easy to get gift cards and rewards

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Is VIP Voice A Scam? Verdict

The answer to the question is VIP Voice a scam, is a no. It does not pay you in cash. It pays you in kind. If you’re in need of money, it will be tough for you to make any money from VIP Voice.

Moreover, you will have to share a significant bit of information with the website which in turn will share your information with the companies. Only when you’re willing to part with this information, you can gain any rewards.

That is why; it is not a good platform to rely on for making money. There are other legit opportunities available.

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