In my Bang Bang Profits Review, well dive into and answer the question of can (BBP) really help you make some legit money from the comfort of your own home. Many people are looking for ways to set up their affiliate marketing empire in an easier fashion. The number of tasks which you need to accomplish to set up an affiliate marketing business is plenty.

You have to choose the right product, and you have to create all your landing pages. And then after that, you have to work towards driving traffic to your websites. Bang Bang Profits is a product which aims to make all of that more manageable for you.

It offers a few resources which will allow you to step into to world of affiliate marketing quite quickly.

There are quite a few products which promise to same. That is why, before you purchase Bang Bang Profits (BBP), it is essential to first find out whether it works or not. You can go through our Bang Bang Profits review to do to same.

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What is Bang Bang Profits (BBP)?Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits offers you 13 landing pages which are all ready to use from the start. All the landing pages focus on various make money online products. They will provide you the opportunity to integrate your bonuses into to landing pages.

The aim is to lure in customers with these bonuses. The advantage is that the landing pages are entirely ready. All you have to do is insert your affiliate links, and you are good to go. You need not make any individual changes or customize the landing pages.

The essence of these landing pages is that since you have on offer various bonus offers, it is easier to convert the visitors. Moreover, since there are 13 different landing pages to choose from, you can quickly pick the one product which suits you the best.

As a result, you need not just focus on a single product. If one of to products does not work out for you, you can easily choose another landing page from BBP. Switching over the products from one to another is not a difficult task. You have 13 different options to choose from.

About BBP:

When you look at the gist of BBP, you will realize that it provides you what it promises. The only bit of problem is that it is suitable only when you’re working in to make money online niche. If you plan on working in any other niche, it is difficult to use these landing pages.

You might have to make quite a few changes to make them work with a different niche. You have to change the entire look of those landing pages. It is a better idea to start on different landing pages from scratch.

Moreover, you will have to make your bonus offers, and you will have to offer them on the landing pages. If however, that is your goal, there are quite a few other courses/resources which you can use to create such simple landing pages.

Thus, BBP is not to only product that allows you to create landing pages and offer bonuses to get sales.

Along with to landing pages, there are also five different videos which allow you to understand how you can use these landing pages correctly.

They consist of some case studies as well. One thing however which you have to keep in mind is that if you plan on using these sales pages, you will need to sign up at a few places  which include:

• Warrior plus

• Jvzoo

All to products are present on either of these networks. That is why, if you want to go ahead and use those landing pages, you should have an account on both of these networks.

The videos also demonstrate the way in which you can set up the landing pages. It is relatively simple as long as you can take care of the bonus. You can easily outsource the creation of to bonuses which ensures that you can generate the landing pages with the help of a single click after pasting your affiliate link.

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You have to however keep in mind that you will have to still work towards generating traffic for your landing pages. The bonuses can only help you in improving the conversion rate. If you’re not able to generate traffic, the landing pages will not be of any use to you.

There are a few other products which do to same thing but do not highlight the traffic generation techniques as well. There are other programs like wealthy affiliate which can help you with traffic generation and landing pages both. Traffic generation techniques is the Achilles heel of BBP.

What should you know about BBP?Man on laptop looking at Bang Bang Profits ups and downs

There are however a few shortcomings of the product which you have to keep in mind. These include:

1. Works only in to make money online niche:

All the products in the landing pages are in the make money online niche. If you want to work in any other niche, this product is not useful for you. If you do not have a make money online audience, there is no use in going for BBP.

2. You need prior knowledge:

If you think that by getting these landing pages ready from Bang Bang Profits review, you can directly make money online, you are entirely wrong. You need prior marketing knowledge. You need to know how you can create bonuses and how you can increase the conversion rate.

With no previous experience, it is tough to create sales funnels and upsells to generate any profit. That is why, if you’re a complete beginner, BBP will not work for you.

3. Dependent on a handful of merchants:

You are essentially reliant on those 13 merchants. If some of them do not support to product after a while, you might have to change the product. Since you only have 13 different products, it is not a good long term strategy.

You do not have the freedom to choose any product from any network. You are dependent on the two networks which we mentioned above.

If you’re thinking about opting for BBP, it is essential to look into these three shortcomings. While the make money online niche converts at a high percentage but the competition is also on to higher side. It is very challenging to get traffic in this niche.

You cannot even think about paid advertising as the cost per click is on the higher side. Moreover, you have to be careful about to claims which you make on the landing pages as those can land you in some legal soup. That is why, apart from to three above shortcomings, the niche difficulty is another problem to deal with.


• No coding/designing knowledge needed

• 13 different landing pages

• Easy to integrate to bonuses into the landing pages


• Suitable only for make money online niche

• Products are from just two networks

• Competitive Niche

• Suitable only for experienced marketers

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Bang Bang Profits Review: Verdict

So, as per our Bang Bang Profits review, it is a product which has a niche-based appeal. If you already are operating the make money online niche, it is undoubtedly a good product for you. You can even increase your conversion rate using to landing pages.

However, if you do not work in to make money online niche, it is not suitable for you. Moreover, if you’re just starting, there is no point in spending your money on this product. It is better to first learn about traffic generation techniques.

Only when you do so, you can step into the make money online niche. If you’re struggling with generating traffic for your websites and landing pages, it is a good idea to give Bang Bang Profits a complete miss.

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