My Home Success Plan Scam

Welcome To My Home Success Plan Scam Review

With so many different money-making opportunities doing the rounds on the Internet, it is getting difficult to find out which one is good enough.

One name which you will often come across if you have been searching for make money online opportunities is My Home Success Plan. It has been around for some time and has created a bit of hype as well.

There are, however, complaints by numerous clients that it is a scam. We will now look into details of My Home Success Plan and find out if the reports about My Home Success Plan scam are true or not.

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What is My Home Success Plan (MHSP)?

Once you land on the home page of My Home Success Plan (MHSP), you will come across claims that you can make up to $379 per day from your home.

It clearly states that you can make that much amount of money by devoting 60 minutes each day. If you go through the landing page carefully, you will realize that there are quite a few red flags right away. Some of these include:

• The product claims that you will have to invest 60 minutes per day.

• MHSP states that you can make up to $379 per day.

• The product says that it will provide you with a guaranteed home-based business job.

• The product indicates that only some people will get accepted.

• The product using the scarcity technique.

These are all marketing gimmicks to lure you in. Once you view the video, you will realize that the clip from CNBC is not about MHSP.

It is speaking about the population who makes money online in general. However, MHSP makes it appear as if the CNBC video clip is discussing this exact product. It is another red flag which you need to know.

In truth, MHSP might not have any mainstream media coverage. Therefor it is better to go through the rest of our reviews before making your decision. It makes other over-the-top claims like, if you view the video for two minutes, it can change your life.

The product also guarantees in the video that you can make a minimum of $500. On the other hand, when you go through the disclaimers on the landing page itself, it clearly states that there is no guarantee. These contrary statements make it clear that the above few claims are just a marketing gimmick.

The video creates scarcity by stating that if the viewer does not take action now, someone else might claim the slot of the viewer. The shady products often use the fake scarcity technique.

The narrator states that some people can even make $10,000 per day. That is why; he wants you to act now. The funny thing about the product is that the strategies and tips are up for sale for just $97.

The truth is that, if the system can help you make over $300 per day, no one in their right mind will sell it for $97. So, to uncover the My Home Success Plan scam, you have to connect the dots, and you can see through their marketing gimmicks.

How does it work?

How Does My Home Success Plan Scam Work

Nonetheless, we will go into the details of the product and how it works. Once you go further, you will come across this story of women by the name of April. She claims that with the help of link posting taught to her by MHSP, she makes a significant amount of money.

What exactly is link posting?

The text of April explains that these links are nothing but links which helps various companies gain sales. That is why; companies pay numerous individuals to post these links all over the Internet. These links can bring in some direct sales for the company and SEO benefit.

The truth is that most of the companies do not want to be associated with the link posting. It is because it is not seen kindly in the eyes of Google.

It can get the companies penalized in the search engines as well. Owing to this very reason, none of the companies these days pay for link posting. Many of the companies prefer organic marketing rather than paying people to post links across the Internet.

When you try to post these links on certain websites, you might get caught in the spam filters which means that your links will never go live.

Chances are, you might lose your account on social media websites when you post such links. It is one of the primary reasons why link posting does not work. Unfortunately, MHSP promotes link posting, which does not work.

Even if you manage to get some money from a company that wants you to do link posting, chances are you will get your IP flagged and your accounts banned. It does not work anymore.

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How much money can you make?

According to the narrator, you can make as much as $15 per link. It will only take you up to 4 minutes to post a link. It means that you can make $225 per hour. The annual earnings come to $58,500. The truth is that these claims are entirely false.

These days, search engines like Google are pretty sophisticated. That is why link posting does not work. Also, even if you manage to find a few links posting jobs, they pay you a few cents per link.

In most cases, the links do not stay alive for a long time. The companies which might pay you for link posting will require the links to remain live for 30 days. It means that it is not a viable business model at all.

Chances are you will waste your time and money by posting links that get taken down. In the end, even if you find a company willing to pay you for the same, the links will not stay live. All of this explains the reports by various customers who claim that My Home Success Plan scam does not work.

What should you know about MHSP?

There are a few red flags that you should know about MHSP.

1. Unviable business model:

The business model which they are promoting is not viable at all. The technique in itself does not work any longer.

2. Hyped claims:

They claim that you can make up to $379 per day is entirely fake as well. Since the link posting technique in itself does not work, there are no chances that you would be able to make that amount of money.

3. Fake scarcity:

Irrespective of their claims that if you do not act now, your slot will be taken by someone else, they are always open. Even if you visit their website after a few days, you will be able to sign up and buy the product. Shady products often use the fake scarcity technique, and that is why; you should stay away from it.

4. No information regarding the owner of the website:

If you have gone through the entire site, there is no information regarding the owner. It is a huge red flag.

5. Fake testimonials:

Fake Testimonials From My Home Success Plan Scam Program

The testimonials on the website are entirely false. You can find the photos of the individuals and these testimonials on stock photo websites.

All these red flags make it clear that the product is a scam. Due to this very reason, you should stay away from it.

Is it suitable for you?

MHSP is not suitable for anyone. It cannot help you make money. That is why; it is advisable to stay away from it.




• Hyped claims

• Fake reviews

• Fake scarcity technique

• Does not provide any value

• Unviable business model

My Home Success Plan Scam: Verdict

So, if you have been thinking of opting for the My Home Success Plan, it is time to think again. It is a shitty product that does not work. There are many other opportunities to make money online which you can utilize. Click here to know more about that!

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