Welcome to my Microworkers Review

Microworkers is an online site that allows people to either post or perform small tasks at a fee. This tasks are not technical and take a few minutes to complete. We are going to review the opportunities offered by this platform.

Microworkers Guidelines

You simply need to register on their platform for you to become a member. However, there are requirements that you need to follow.

1. You can only own one account

2. Using VPN connections is prohibited

3. Members should use dynamic or static IP addresses

4. You can only accept tasks that you are capable of completing. You will be red flagged for failing to complete a job.

5. You should not contact employers outside Microworkers

6. Must not post spam, plagiarized or copied proofs

7. You must use copyscape.com if you participate in Article Campaign

8. Those who participate in PR Link campaigns should maintain the PR link for at least one year. Removing the PR link before a year ends will lead to the termination of your account.

9. You should maintain a minimum success rate of 75 percent.

Failure to follow these instructions can lead to termination of your account.

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Microworkers Application Procedure

Remember that you can only register one account. You will be banned if you register more than one account. Microworkers checks your IP address to ensure that you only own one account. The registration process consists of the following:

• Name

• Email

• Address

• Birthday

• Password

Click the Submit button once you have finished filling the above information. You will then receive an email requiring you to confirm your email.

This email is only valid for 24 hours. You should receive this email a few seconds after clicking the submit button.

The link on the email will direct you to their dashboard. Ensure that you select the worker option. Once you do that, you will be good to start looking for jobs.

Ways of earning money from Microworkers?

You can earn cash from this site through the following ways:

Surveys: You will earn from $0.50-$3 for every completed survey

Mobile Applications: Download and install mobile apps for some bucks.

Click Search: You have to search for a particular keyword on search engines and follow the provided instructions. Tasks include opening a given URL and spending more than a minute on that page. You can also perform an action according to the instructions.

YouTube: Watch, like or comment on specified videos for some cash

Facebook: Earn few bucks by liking, sharing or commenting on Facebook posts

Forums: Get cash by joining or posting on a forum.

Comment on Blogs: Comment on blogs and screenshot the comment for some cash

Twitter: Earn cash for retweets and likes. You need to have a minimum of 50 followers

Google: Read and share a post on Google plus profile

Write articles: Write or rewrite articles on a particular topic for cash. Ensure that you follow instructions.

Testing: Make money by testing apps on Android or iOS platforms

Write Reviews: Create reviews for blogs, business, and products and get few bucks

Leads: Get paid for promoting new apps and websites among other things

This is not a full list of jobs on this platform. There are many other jobs that one can perform on this site.

How Do I Find Jobs 

Once you sign in to your dashboard, click on the jobs button to view available jobs. You can filter according to pay, the time it takes to complete and the average approval time.

You can further sort them according to type e.g. promotion, surveys, Facebook or mobile applications.

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How does Microworkers pay?

Microworkers pays its workers through numerous services. They include PayPal, Skrill, Dwolla, Payoneer, and Transpay. The service fees of these platforms vary. Select a service that suits you.

The minimum payout is nine dollars. These do not include the fees you incur when withdrawing the funds.PayPal’s fee is 75% while Pioneer’s fee is 5%.

The minimum withdrawal limit for Pioneer is 20 dollars. All the payments are in dollars (US).

When Will I Receive My Funds

Microworkers process all payments every Sunday and Wednesday. You have to verify your Postal Pin for you to receive payments.

How do I verify my Pin?

You must submit your name and mailing address during registration. Microworkers will send you a Postal Pin number to the address that you provided. You can only receive payments once you have entered the Postal Pin to the system.

This is another way for Microworkers to confirm that each worker owns one account. It takes 5 to 25days for you to receive your Pin.

How does their schedule look like?

You are the one to decide how your schedule will look like. You can log in to your portal anytime and choose jobs that you can complete right away. You can work any time you want as long as there are jobs so on the dashboard.

Microworkers user Feedback

Unfortunately, Microworkers has more negative reviews than positive. The positive side includes a nicely designed dashboard and also easy to navigate.

The site also has a wide range of jobs that one can choose from. The negatives include:

• There are few jobs available. (Those jobs on the dashboard have been there for a long time).

• Problems in getting the postal Pin. Some people reported that they had not received their pin and they had to apply again. Some users even claimed that Microworkers is doing this willingly since they don’t want to pay workers.

• The company does not respond to the pin issue

• Most clients want you to review products or follow them on Facebook. You will probably do fewer jobs if you are unwilling to do false advertisements.

• Only one person from a household can join since there is one postal pin per house.

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Is Microworkers a scam?

Although Microworkers has negative feedbacks, it is still far from being a scam. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines carefully and be cautious.

You can try this site if you have spare time since the jobs are easy. If Micro-tasks aren’t your thing, you should really try affiliate marketing. You will be able to earn more as compared to this business model for sure.