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Is My Survey Jobs Review going to tread light on the subject of online survey sites. I’m not sure if it will give you the answer your looking for, but I’ll gladly share with you what I found out on the subject of this product.

The trend of completing surveys and making money online is gaining more steam. More people are looking for easy ways to make money online. You need to however keep in mind that there are quite a few scam survey websites out there as well. You have to be extremely careful when using such a site.

My Survey Jobs is one such website which claims that you can easily make money by filling up surveys. Before you sign up for it, it is better to go through My Survey Jobs review to understand more about it.

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What is My Survey Jobs (MSJ)?

My Survey Jobs Review

Let us start with the basics. Similar to most of the other survey websites, there is a simple three-step procedure which you have to follow. It includes:

1. Signing up

2. Completing surveys

3. Getting Paid

If you look at these three steps, it might seem pretty straightforward. However, you have to find out whether you can make a significant amount of money with them or not. It also offers a calculator using which, you can easily calculate your income.

However, when you look at the disclosure, you will realize that the calculator does not provide you with the typical earning capability of the average user. That is why it seems like the calculator is just for fun and nothing else. The earning disclosure clearly states that you might not be able to make any money.

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When you start the sign-up process and click the get started button, you will have to fill a questionnaire. It is a basic questionnaire which will ask you regarding the amount of money which you want to make and the number of hours which you want to work daily.

Apart from that, there are a few general questions which you have to answer. However, all of that is a sham. Irrespective of the answers which you choose, you will be taken to the same landing page of MSJ.

The landing page consists of a video which claims that you can make $100 in the next 2 hours itself. It goes on to elaborate that your account is already set up with 3 of their partner websites. These websites aim to provide you with surveys which offer a high payout. The sites include:

• Inbox Dollars

• i-Say

• Lifepoints

You have to click the create a call button to proceed. Apart from these three websites, you will also get an invitation to join a site by the name of earning station. As you go on progressing with the signups, there is a meter above which moves towards $100.

The truth is that irrespective of what the meter says, just by signing up on these websites, you cannot make $100. A lot depends on the number of surveys for which you qualify.

If there are no surveys available for you, you might not make money across all three websites. That is why; the meter does not reflect any earning potential.

Once you sign up on these three websites, you will again reach on a landing page. The landing page consists of a different video. It guides you and instructs you to sign up on various other survey websites.

That is why; the site makes you sign up from one survey website to another. It is a sales funnel which creates affiliates for itself. By now, you might have the question; whether MSJ works? We will answer that below.

How does MSJ work?

MSJ aims to drive affiliates to other websites. It gets affiliate commission whenever you sign up on other sites. Affiliate marketing in itself is not bad. However, tricking users into signing up on other sites is not a good way to make money. Moreover, it does not provide you any value which is an added problem.

The problem with these websites is that they also aim to get your personal information. It clearly says in the privacy policy of MSJ that they might share your personal information with 3rd party websites.

So, if you make money or not, you will be parting you with your personal information which is problematic for any individual.

You will also get a lot of calls and emails which is a nuisance overall. That is why, other than driving affiliates for itself and spamming you with emails and calls, the site does not do much.

The truth is that MSJ does not work at all. If you have been reading My Survey Jobs review up until now to find this, you can take our word on it. It is just a sales funnel which does not benefit the visitors in any way. It has been created to help the creator and the developer of the website.

What should you know about MSJ?

My Survey Jobs Review check list

There are a few red flags with MSJ which we haven’t considered yet. These include:

1. Fiverr actors:

The lady in the video claims that you can make $100 in 2 hours; it is a fiverr actor. She’s a paid actor. That is why; the videos are not real at all. She also claims in that video that she has made that $100 in 2 hours and therefore you could too.

She is just a paid actress, so, there is no value to her word, and therefore you should not trust that testimonial. It is one of the main reasons why you should stay away from MSJ.

Fake testimonials are always shady. The websites which use them do not provide much value to the visitors.

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2. Privacy for sale:

If you even sign up for MSJ, your private information will be up for sale. Who knows, they might share it with third parties for free as well. That is why; you should skip MSJ when you’re looking for a legit survey website. It grabs your private information and shares it with others.

3. Impractical business model:

MSJ makes you sign up with various survey websites. Even if you get a few surveys which you qualify for across these websites, you will never make the payout of an individual site. That is why; you will never be able to make money with this. This is the very reason, it is an impractical business model which does not work.

If you are on the fence regarding MSJ, you should skip it. These red flags make it highly shady.

Is it suitable for you?

MSJ is not suitable for anyone. The reason for this is that it is not a legit website and merely a sales funnel. There are so many other survey websites which actually do work. This is why it is a way better idea to keep doing your home work and find websites that actually are legit and go with those websites instead of going with MSJ. Irrespective of the marketing hype which they create, just avoid MSJ completely.




• Fake testimonials

• Does not provide any value

• Merely a sales funnel

• Shares your private information

• Difficult to make money with

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My Survey Jobs Review:Verdict

So, if you have been going through My Survey Jobs review to find out if it is legit or not, the truth is that it isn’t. There are plenty of red flags when it comes to MSJ. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you can make any money at all with it.

It just makes you sign up on various survey websites in the hope that you actually get some surveys. There are other legit survey websites which you can use. Click HERE to know more about them!

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