Today we are reviewing this Get Paid To Rewards platform known as

MyPoints. It is said to be the pioneer of all GPTs. Congratulations for doing some research before you purchase any product. I believe this is the only way of staying away from scams.

It is also the only way of finding how to make a living online.
You should know that am not associated with MyPoints in any way.

I am here to give you true information about this site without selling anything.
This MyPoints Review is honest.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints Review post pictureMyPoints is a GPT (Get Paid To) rewards site that pays you for completing a particular task. These are normal tasks that you perform daily. This site is ranked on top of other GPT sites such as InboxDollars and PrizeRebel.

MyPoints is a branch of United Online Inc and has its headquarters in California. United Online is a multi-billion company that was created by a merger between Juno Online Services and Net Zero.

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What’s Inside My Points?

This platform is a fully online rewards site. Members can earn points in several ways. It doesn’t operate on a market research model. Members can convert their points to cash and other gifts.

What’s the value of their points?

MyPoints Review gift cards

A point is worth 0.0062 cents, meaning you have to accumulate around 800 points for you to cash out a $5 gift card.

How do I earn with MyPoints?

You can earn points by performing the following tasks:

1. Online Surveys
Like many other GPTs, MyPoints allows earning by completing surveys. You will earn about 50 points ($0.35) when you complete a survey.

However, there are some surveys you are not eligible to do. MyPoints only email you links of surveys that you qualify to do. The advantage of this site is that you will still earn 10 points for surveys you don’t qualify for.

2. Reading E-mails
You will earn 5 points when you click on email links that you receive. It is a good way of earning quick points since it takes only 10 seconds to complete reading one emails.

3. Online Shopping
Popular online shopping platforms have partnered with this site. You get a certain percentage of money that you spend while shopping from

Each dollar that you spend is worth 2 points. If you are a shopping buff, then this is the right platform, especially during holiday seasons.

4. Play Games and Watch Videos
You will also earn points on this site when you watch videos and play games. Although the points are lesser than what you earn when you complete surveys, it is a good option since it’s fun. You earn one point for a 3-minute video. You can only watch a maximum of ten videos per day.

5. Coupons
All grocery shoppers love coupons since it helps save some cash. MyPoints has partnered with several retail stores to enable you to earn 10 points when you print a coupon.

6. In-Store Offers
MyPoints frequently partners with various advertisers to provide in-store promotions to their users. You can earn can points when you scan and upload receipts of products bought on retailers that advertise on MyPoints.

These deals are hard to come by so it’s important that you capitalize on them when you can. You can earn 1800 points for this deal.

7. Referrals
My Point’s referral program is amazing. You get 25 points for each referral and 750 points when the person spends over $20 on shopping. You also get 10% of the points that your referral earns.

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What’s the minimum payout?

There are two options of cashing your points.
1. Gift cards: Gift cards from partner stores have a minimum payout of $10.
2. Cash Rewards: Minimum PayPal payout is 25 dollars and takes five days to process.

Who are My Points meant for?

Money in hand from my MyPoints Review

The platform is free to join. All you need to do is fill a survey questionnaire. My Points is good for:

1. Anybody interested in doing simple tasks.
2. Anyone from Canada and USA
3. Anyone who wants to earn few bucks online.

Downsides of MyPoints

1. Pathetic customer service
My Point’s customer service staff does not respond to complains raised about accounts. A reputable company like MyPoints should have effective customer service. They should prioritize the interests of the users.

2. Delays in crediting points
Users complain that their points are not being credited on time. This is normal for any GPT site. The main problem with MyPoints is that they accuse you of being a cheat and even ban you when you raise this issue.

3. It can’t replace your current job
This job has a low-income potential. You need to spend a lot of hours for you to reach the minimum payout limit. Reaching the minimum payout target is hard since you can’t qualify for all the surveys. You can’t quit your job for it.

4. Can only be accessed by people from Canada and USA.
This platform is not available to residents from other countries apart from the two. This is a major letdown to a company of such reputation. A pioneer company should run its business in more than ten countries.

What are the positives of this site?

1. Diverse ways of getting points
MyPoints has seven ways of earning points. They give you alternatives for earning points apart from the boring surveys.

2. Fast Point Redemption
The turnaround times of MyPoints are quite amazing. Your points are updated a few minutes after completing a task.

MyPoints Review: Conclusion, Is It a Scam?

My Points is far from being a scam since it is backed by a stable company. However, I can’t advise anyone to join this program because it has a low-income potential.

Their customer service is terrible, which means they don’t prioritize the interests of their users. The delay in point crediting and the fact that they accuse users of being cheats when they complain is a major letdown.

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