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There are a whole host of MLM programs available online these days. They promise you all the riches if you’re enrolled in the program and get board members.

The only question is whether they are legit or not. The MLM marketing scheme requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Hence; it is always better to choose the right program.

When you look at various MLM opportunities, it is a good idea to first check the reviews before taking a call. One such name which you will often come across is Neal Yard Remedies (NYR).

If you’re looking for Neal Yard Remedies reviews, we will help you out in my NYR review today. We will now go into the details of the NYR review to help you understand if it is worth opting for or not.

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What is Neal Yard Remedies (NYR)?

Neal Yard Remedies (NYR) came into existence in the year 1981. It is a network marketing company in the United Kingdom. It sells beauty products, essential oils, skincare, and cosmetics.

The USP of the company is to sell ethical products which are cruelty-free and organic. When you go through the official website of NYR, you will find that it claims to create its own organic and healthy beauty products.

It has local as well as international clients. The company further goes on to state that its clients are present in 5 continents.

Now that you are aware of the products of the company let us delve more into the background of the founder.

About the founder:

Picture of Neal Yard Remedies founder

Romy Fraser founded NYR in the year 1981. However, over the years the company has changed hands and currently is owned by Kindersley Family.

The family bought the business in 2006. The current owners of the company started the MultiLevel Marketing structure which is in place now. They aimed to increase the number of affiliates to promote the products.

Since then, the reputation of the company has also taken a hit. Even though, the company claims that it has been around for more than 30 years the truth is that the current owners have been around for just 12 years.

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What does NYR have on offer?

NYR offers a wide range of skin care, essential oil, beauty products. The products are available across categories such as:

• Mother and baby

• Skin care

• Aromatherapy

• Well-being

• Gifts

• Therapies

• And much more

When you go across every category, you will find multiple products in them. As a result, the overall number of products on offer is plenty.

The most popular products, however, are the facial wash, beauty sleep supplement, and superfoods. They also market various courses on their website which have gained a lot of momentum.

The business model is two-pronged. On the one hand, they try to recruit more and more members to promote their products and on the other hand, they also conduct courses and workshops to sell their products.

The sole aim behind both these strategies is to move the products. The company often demonstrates techniques and therapies which require you to buy their products.

The compensation which you can earn in both of these strategies are different. We will go into the details of them below.

How much compensation does NYR offer?

The first step which you need to take to make money from NYR is to become a member. It will cost you £ 95 to become NYR organic consultant. In U.S dollar terms, you will be spending $123. Once you enroll, you are free to choose your working hours.

The company claims that even working part-time can help you create a proper revenue stream.

The company advocates hosting parties to promote the products as a consultant. When you make sales worth $200 through party sales, you get three shopping vouchers worth $40.

Similarly, when you generate sales of over $1000 by hosting parties, you get $200 worth of free sales and a 50% discount on additional shopping of $200.

As a result, by being the party host and selling products, you can get products for free and a substantial discount. The company states that it is effortless to sell the products through the hosted parties.

How can you make money with NYR?Neal Yard Remedies Reviews

The problem with NYR is that there is no other way to make money than hosting a party. The company encourages you to host a home party so that you can invite your family and friends. The only issue here is that you have to bear the party expenses by yourself.

The business model is pretty vague and confusing. The company states that you will have to spend $150 if you’re inviting more than 18 guests. However, you get a $75 discount for the event which means that you will pay $75.

The main problem with the business model is that every time you host a party, you will have to spend money first. There is no guarantee that you might be able to sell the product. In the longer term, it is a capital intensive model with a significant amount of risk.

You will have to continuously host more and more parties and hope that you sell enough products in those parties to cover the cost and any previous losses which you might have faced.

Since parties are the only way to make money with NYR, the underlying business model is pretty flawed. The MLM business model in itself is challenging to execute.

When you add to it the risk of hosting parties and paying extra money, it becomes even more difficult to break even. That is why NYR is a company from which you should stay away from.

About Neal Yard Remedies Reviews online:

You might be wondering since we do not recommend this company, what do the other Neal Yard Remedies reviews say. Many of the reviews point out that if you become NYR consultant, the only clientele which you will have is women.

Therefore, you will not be able to market to half of the spectrum. On the other hand, some also point out that the company has been around for more than 30 years which ensures that the product quality is good enough.

Many reviews, however, point out to the problems which they have faced when they follow there business model. The consultants have often pointed out that once they start marketing a product, the company removes it from the product offerings.

As a result, they cannot develop a dedicated following for the product. The reviews also highlight that the management is not up to the mark and the employees go neglected. When you even look at the glass door reviews, it has an average of just 2.5 after quite a few reviews.

It indicates that not only the business model is flawed, but the company also does not take care of its employees. As a result, most of the Neal Yard Remedies reviews which you will find are negative.

Is NYR suitable for you?

The products of NYR are good enough. There is no doubt regarding that. However, as a business model, NYR is not up to the mark.

That is why; if you’re a user you can surely go ahead with the product since the company is in the market for more than 30 years, but the positives end there. As a business model, it is not easy to execute the techniques which they advocate.


• The company is in existence for 38 years

• Cruelty-free products

• A wide range of products

• Organic products

• Workshops and e-courses also on offer


• Inappropriate management

• Fluctuating product variety

• Improper business model

• Only women targeted products

• Capital intensive and risky business model

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Neal Yard Remedies Reviews:Verdict

If you are on the fence about Neal Yard Remedies, there are a few points to consider. The products might be good enough, and since they are cruelty-free and friendly, you can use those products.

Apart from that, the business model which the company advocates is not viable. If you want to sell the products, it is important to dedicate a significant amount of time rather than just working part-time.

Moreover, if you plan on hosting the parties, it is a capital intensive business model which might lead to losses as well.

The fact that the customer support and the management do not value the consultants; it is a good idea to keep away from NYR. It is tough to make money inspite of the company being a legit company.

That is why; you should look at other opportunities rather than the NYR MLM. Click HERE to find out more about my #1 recommended way to make money online!