Online Surveys

There are numerous survey websites which you can use these days to make some small change online. You should be very careful and selective when choosing the legit ones though.

Most of them do not pay on time or pay at all. That is why you end up wasting a significant amount of your time. Hence, to avoid this fate, it is important to conduct proper research before joining any survey sites.

Today, we will highlight a survey site by the name of Opinion Outpost. We will share with you our Opinion Outpost review and help you understand whether it is worth your time.

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What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost like many others is a market research company. It is merely an intermediary. It conducts surveys on behalf of its clients.

You will get paid once you complete the survey. The year 2009 saw its launch. It is almost ten years old. Since it has remained in business for such a long period, you can be sure that it at least offers a few surveys each week which can keep the members active.

How does it work?

Opinion Outpost Review
Most of the clients of Opinion Outpost are multinational companies who want to gather market research data. They pay Opinion Outpost for the data which it collects for them.

Opinion Outpost, in turn, sends the surveys to people who qualify according to the demographic requirement of these corporations. The completion of the surveys helps Opinion Outpost to gather a significant amount of data.

The clients get this data and pay Opinion Outpost, and accordingly, it disburses the money among the members who finished the surveys.

The business model is simple enough. It is similar to other survey websites out there.

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How can it help you make money?

Opinion Outpost like most of the survey websites allows you to take surveys to make money. There are no additional features on the site.

It is a market research company and therefore, it will ask you for a significant amount of information on sign up itself. The information which you submit will be detrimental to help you qualify for the surveys.

The information might be shared with clients even before you have filled a survey. That is why it is essential to decide whether you want to share so much information on sign up or not.

Some of the other companies which have a similar business model include Global Test Market, Pinecone Research.

Rewards on offer by Opinion Outpost:

Opinion Outpost offers you multiple reward options. You can choose between various vendors like Amazon, and  iTunes. You can also opt to receive the money through cash or PayPal. We will go into the rewards and cash out options below.

• Paypal:

When you earn 100 points, you can convert it to $10 and get paid by PayPal. You need to ensure however that you have a verified Paypal account.

• Amazon e-vouchers:

50 points will gain you a $5 Amazon voucher. You can use the e-gift code to access the amount.

• iTunes gift cards:

The conversion rate for the iTunes gift card is the same. You can convert 50 points into iTunes gift cards worth $5.

• American Red Cross donation:

One of the best things about Opinion Outpost is that you can donate your earnings to American Red Cross donations. You can convert your points to Fiat currency which you can then give to American Red Cross.

• Sweepstake entries:

You can take part in sweepstakes entries to win up to $10,000. You can earn the points into sweepstake entries.

• Referrals:

Each referral will allow you to earn up to $1 if your reference completes the survey.

The payment and reward options are plenty. You can choose as per your convenience. Generally speaking, 100 points are worth the $10.

One of the main advantages of Opinion Outpost is that the payment threshold is much lower. You can encash 100 points or $10. When you compare it with the other market research companies, it is pretty low. As a result, you can cash out much sooner.

How to sign up on the website?

Signing up on the website is entirely free. You have to submit your email address and other necessary information in the 1st step. The only caveat is that currently, only US residents are allowed to sign up.

Once you are through the first process of sign up, you will need to fill out your profile in the member’s area. The information which you have in your profile will decide whether you qualify for a survey or not.

How much can you make with opinion post?

The earning potential will always be dependent on the time which you devote to the website. At the same point in time, a lot will be dependent on the surveys for which you qualify.

As a rule of thumb, every point is worth $.10. If you are eligible to complete a 5-minute survey, you will gain around 5 points which are $.50.

When you extrapolate this figure, you end up with $6 per hour. In some cases, the earnings might be higher, but a lot depends on the number of surveys for which you qualify.

Is Opinion Outpost suitable for you?

The answer will depend on your answers to the questions below.

• Are you okay with filling monotonous and tedious surveys?

• Are you willing to put in your time to make less than minimum wage?

• Are you comfortable with sharing your personal information with various companies and corporations?

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Opinion Outpost would be a suitable option for you if you answered yes to the above questions. While researching for Opinion Outpost review, we found that it is indeed not a scam, but the pay rates are nothing to write home about.

What should you know about Opinion Outpost?

Man On laptop seeing how Opinion Outpost works
There are a few factors which you have to keep in mind if you decide to go ahead with the opinion post. These are:

1. Qualification is not easy:

In many cases, you might have to fill the prequalification questionnaire. It can take up to 30 minutes to fill that survey.

In spite of spending so much time, you might not qualify for the survey at all. When that happens, your earnings will be significantly lower than $6 per hour which we mentioned above.

2. The frequency of surveys is reducing:

From last few years, the frequency of surveys is consistently decreasing. That is why; you will not be able to devote time consistently to the website. There are not enough surveys for you to spend hours every day.

3. Spam emails and messages:

You will be sharing your information willingly with other companies and corporations. Be ready to receive spam emails and messages.

It is essential to consider these drawbacks, before deciding on Opinion Outpost.


• No payment threshold

• Multiple payments and reward options

• Straightforward business model


• US citizens only

• Limited surveys

• Time-consuming

• Parting with your details

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Opinion Outpost Review: Verdict 

Opinion Outpost might indeed not be a scam but one of the problems which we found out time and again during our research for Opinion Outpost review was that the earning potential is on the lower side.

There are not enough surveys to devote time consistently to the website. That is why; you will only make a few cents here and there. The time which it takes to make that amount of money is considerably higher which is not conducive because the earning rate will be much lower than the minimum wage.

Considering all these factors, it is a good idea to give Opinion Outpost a miss. If you’re ready for an affiliate marketing platform that provides you with training and all the resources that you need to get started online, then I invite you to checkout Wealthy Affiliate today.