Parallel Profits is a product which has not yet been launched. It will be launched sometime in 2019.

What we have are however some of the details of the program and what it will include. We will today share the same in our Parallel Profits review. The review is based on the information which we have up until now.

What is Parallel Profits?

Parallel Profits will focus on creating a proper business model. Parallel Profits will not just help you with the online selling but also promoting your services to local businesses.

Thus, there is a unique twist to it. With the help of this unique twist, you can gain an edge over the other businesses that focus on online sales. Hence, it will be possible for the students to create an actual business from their home.

As for the details available, Parallel Profits will focus on not just helping you create products but promoting them as well.

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Who are the founders of Parallel Profits?

While the details of the product are limited but both the founders have rich experience in the affiliate marketing and Internet marketing industry. Let us go into the details of their experience to understand better whether Parallel Profits will be worth opting for or not.

The names of the founders are

The two owners of Parallel Profits

• Aidan Booth

• Steve Clayton

The best thing about them is that they have been in the Internet marketing industry for more than 10 years. They have been in this industry from the mid-2000s. The backgrounds of both the marketers are rock solid. Previously, they have launched multiple successful products like:

• 100K Factory

• 7 figure cycle

Steve has also been a CFO in a Fortune 500 company before entering the Internet marketing field. Cumulatively, they have had quite a few million dollar product launches among themselves. Now that you are aware of the founders let us delve into the details of their past programs.

What are the past products of the founders?

As we stated above, they have launched a couple of products in the past. The first one is 100K factory and the second one is 7 figure cycle. We will go into the details of both of these products below.

1. 100K factory:

The founders launched this product in 2015. It helps the students make money through affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

They support the students create affiliate websites as well as an e-commerce store. The courses also included details of the various sources of traffic. These same sources include the free methods as well as the paid ones.

2. 7 figure cycle:

7 figure cycle was a step ahead as compared to 100 K factory. It was similar to an upgraded version of the 100K factory.

7 figure, as the name suggests, is the goal which students need to attain within the 1st year. The word cycle comes from the compounding mechanism of the entire system. There are 7 steps in the entire program. These include:

• Choosing the suppliers

• Conducting due diligence on the suppliers

• Picking the right products

• Creating a list of the products

• Creating your shipment

• Forwarding your inventory to fulfillment by Amazon

• Profiting from the sales

While this might sound quite simple enough but it is challenging when you try to execute it. 7 figure cycle helps you precisely in this regard. It holds your hand throughout the entire process. The program claims that you can make money without having to:

• Create a website

• Spend a lot of money on the products

• Deal with delays in products

• Waste time on product development

• Provide any customer support

• Deal with paid ad campaigns

Thus, it skips the hard part and helps you stick to the prescribed blueprint to make money. The program also has on offer double money back guarantee if the plan does not work out for you.

7 figure cycle has helped hundreds of students till now. It is unfortunately closed right now as it is sold out.

The selling out of the 7 figure cycle forces us to take a look at Parallel Profits even before the launch.

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What exactly Parallel Profits includes?

The emphasis of Parallel Profits is to sell high ticket items. With the help of these high ticket items, it will be comparatively easier to hit $ 100k/year.

In fact, the landing page states that you might have to only make up to 7 sales in some cases to reach this figure. It involves selling to the local businesses. There are however twists involved.

The three twists involved in this course are

useing candy twist sticks when talking about my Parallel Profits Review

1. The founders will collaborate with the students who act ?? on the training provided. They will draft up a franchise -type agreement to help the students.

The students will not have to worry about the nitty-gritty like branding or marketing or copywriting. The students will be able to gain access to all of these resources like a franchise business model.

2. As a student of Parallel Profits, you will not have to struggle to find your resources. You will have access to the entire team of professionals to create and set up your business. The professional team will help you build a legit business even if you have no prior experience in doing so.

3. The product also offers access to unique lead generation and capturing system. The product states that with the help of this system, you need not opt for face-to-face sales to convert clients.

When you carefully look at these three twists, you will realize that many of the hindrances are more due to these three twists. It makes it much easier for you to succeed and set up a proper business with the help of these advantages.

If you’re looking for a business model which will help you branch out by selling to local businesses, Parallel Profits is the perfect option for you. At the same point in time, the way to market to local businesses is through an online interface which allows you to scale up your business more efficiently.

The course will also help you focus on social following and creating your brand. As a result, over a period of time, it will be easy for you to gain leads and sales without having to cold call local businesses.

The experience of the founders can come to your advantage when you follow the system outlined by Parallel Profits.

The details at this point are limited. If you break down the figure of $100k/year, you will be roughly making $8300 per month. That is a cool figure to work with.

Parallel Profits details available

• The pricing of Parallel Profits will be around $2497 (one-time payment). You can also opt for installment-based pricing of $997 spread across three different payments.

• The product will most likely be launched on the Clickbank platform.

• The launch date is slated to be 29th of January.

• It is expected that the product will be available for purchase for just nine days.

Let us now delve into the pros and cons of Parallel Profits before going ahead with the decision.


• Trusted Clickbank platform

• Trusted founders

• Franchise model

• Extensive support

• Access to a dedicated business team

• Access to the unique lead generation method

• Selling the high ticket products


• Program might be expensive

• Blueprint might be a bit difficult to followIs Parallel Profits a scam? In this Parallel Profits review, I’m going to reveal to you the truth behind the curtains & let you know what Aidan …Is Parallel Profits a scam?

In this Parallel Profits review, I’m going to reveal to you the truth behind the curtains & let you know what Aidan …

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 Parallel Profits Review: Conclusion

Parallel Profits on the face of it seems like a legit opportunity. Chances are, it will be available for purchase only for a limited period.

With the reputed founders, it is a product which you should keep on your radar. The launch is going to happen pretty soon which is why you should not miss out on this brilliant program which can help you make over $100k/year.

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