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What are the most Profitable Online Businesses To Start? For the past two decades, our world has been reshaped by the rise of the Internet in ways that we couldn’t have ever imagined. Everything from the way we communicate, broadcast the news, mingle socially, and even how to profit professionally is becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet.

Online self-marketing and self-promotion are two things in particular that would not have existed even ten years ago, especially not to the point it has reached today. It’s become easier than ever for entrepreneurs to find their personal selling point, creating profitable online businesses.

Finding your personal selling point is the key to your own profitable online business to start you on your path to professional success. There are endless options to choose from; figuring out what works for you is the first step. Here are some examples of niches that have proven to be online hubs of profit.

Body Image and Health

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One of the most profitable and vastly growing online markets is that of body image and health. It’s understandable that with unrealistic body standards found everywhere from movies to magazines, people around the globe are scrambling for a way to improve their appearance and health.

The fitness industry is a rapidly growing market with Instagram fitness models and online yoga instructors everywhere you turn. Where better for profitable online businesses to start? This billion-dollar industry brings diet fads and 30-minute workouts directly to your computer screen; no need for a trip to the gym, which works brilliantly as the world gets busier.

Not to mention the expansive health industry market; with cleanses all the rage, and cooking videos filling your Facebook feed, the competition may be fierce, but the consumer base continues to grow with every year and every evolution of the world of online marketing. People are always trying to improve, and capitalizing on that need is a great way for profitable online businesses to start.

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Investments and Money

Even people with money don’t seem to know what to do with it, and that’s where the investment markets step in. Money and wealth are what makes the world go round, what drives us to go to work every day, what controls our happiness levels.

Those without money want to know how to make it, and those with money want to know how to control it. Thus, the online “wealth” market was born. It’s all about the money.

Online stores such as Etsy help college students make a few bucks on the side without leaving their dorm rooms, while stock investors hold a large presence on the underbelly of the web.

The Internet is an unlimited and still largely untapped resource for online businesses dealing with wealth and money-related issues, even with the rise of sites such as Amazon and PayPal, so much so that people are even willing to spend money to learn how to make it.

Relationships and Social Media

Online self-promotion is essentially what is keeping us all on our phones every hour of the day. How many teenagers do you know go to bed with their phones on the pillow next to them, so that it’s the last thing they see before they fall asleep and the first thing they reach for when they wake up?

Teenagers aren’t the only ones who have fallen victim to this; it’s become the norm to live your whole life for those Facebook likes, those Tinder right-swipes.

Online businesses are taking advantage of this, for a good reason; sex and dating websites make up a huge portion of the web, with client bases expanding by the second. A need for interpersonal and romantic relationships are keyed into our human DNA, which assures that client base well will never run dry.

In fact, it’s overflowing, and even with the vast number of online sex and dating websites out there, it’s not difficult to make a profit.

It’s a great place for profitable online businesses to start, with the ever-present hunger for validation and social relationships built into human nature. The internet has only proven to be a stepping-stone to making it easier than ever for humans to connect with each other, even willing to pay for it.


As mentioned above and directly connected to the “wealth” market, E-Commerce is booming to the point that it’s driving nononline-based business out of the market. Such examples include customers choosing Amazon Books over local bookstores, or browsing eBay rather than visiting the local store.

Businesses that provide fresh groceries straight to your doorstep are proving to be more popular than supermarkets, while online shopping for clothes rather than at the mall is another wildly popular shift in consumer tastes—all of these are choices that the Internet-addicted world is opting for.

Time is money, and many prefer the convenience of having something shipped right to their front door, rather than going out and wasting a day shopping for it. Websites like PayPal, which ensures secure monetary transactions, help ease the way and promote E-Commerce even further, to the point where it’s hard to remember a world without thousands of stores just a swipe away.

E-Commerce is another rapidly growing market that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, making it a great place for profitable online businesses to start.

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Silicon Valley wouldn’t be around without the Internet, and one of the key reasons that the Internet has become the wide-reaching influence it has today is thanks to the rapidly expanding tech market.

Knowledge of graphics, tech languages, and software development has made billionaires out of nobodies, and it will continue to do so as new waves of entrepreneurs rush to cash in.

We are living in a tech bubble, and as technology continues to advance, the more expansive the online tech market will become. For a place for profitable online businesses to start, that’s definitely heading in the right direction.

Profitable Online Businesses To Start: Conclusion

Finding your online business niche can lead to multiple streams of income, with much less effort than it would take to start up a local business, and half the risk. The web has vast potential for untapped profit, as many self-made millionaires and billionaires can attest to.

The key for profitable online businesses to start with is finding the right consumer base for your product. Again, finding your online niche is step one, and also the most important step. Once you’ve completed that first step, it won’t take that much effort to go on to creating your profitable online business empire.