Welcome to my Secret Society Of Millionaires Review. There are some programs which are deceptive right from their name. When you’re looking for systems to help you make money online, you will come across a variety of such programs.

It is essential to research them before making a buying decision. You need to remember that by opting for such systems, you might lose your money and also your time. That is why due diligence is essential.

One such program has the name of Secret Society Of Millionaires (SSOM). The name of the program indicates that you’re buying into a membership site which has high net worth individuals as its members. However, that cannot be further away from the truth. If you want to know about it, go through our Secret Society Of Millionaires review to understand it better.

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What is Secret Society Of Millionaires (SSOM)?

Secret Society Of Millionaires Review

SSOM is a 21-step program. It revolves around affiliate marketing. When you visit the landing page of SSOM, you will come across a video by Jason Alton. It claims that he can help you make up to $2550 this very week.

The video articulates and illustrates how he’s making thousands of dollars online. He, however, does not provide you with any just one assist or method which he uses. He does not highlight what program will teach you.

The purpose of the entire video is to boost the product. It tries to create shock value so that you can end up buying the product. Hence; you should not just fall for the sales video. In our Secret Society Of Millionaires review, we will decipher what exactly it is about and whether it is good enough or not.

About SSOM:

SSOM tries to sell your affiliate training for $49. However, what it is doing is teaching you to promote the main program which goes by the name of my business education. The product will provide you with an affiliate marketing book and slide shows. It will then ask you to utilize these techniques to sell my business education (MOBE).

The problem with SSOM is that the only way in which you can make money through this program is to sell MOBE. You will have to resell the program to recoup your investment. It does not provide you with knowledge which you can use with other affiliate marketing products. It binds you to MOBE if you want to make any money.

Another problem with MOBE is that if you want to sell that product, you will have to buy that product first. After that only, you can promote it is a referral. If you’re planning to make thousands of dollars reselling MOBE, you will have to spend the amount first to become a referral.

With the different tires of membership of MOBE, it can cost you anywhere from $2497 to almost $30,000 to lure you into the referral program. It is a significant amount of money. That is why; SSOM is just a bait to make you sign up for MOBE.

The cycle works as follows:

1. First, you have to pay $49 to buy SSOM.

2. You will then be directed to MOBE to make money.

3. You have to choose any of the memberships of MOBE to work as a referral. The minimum cost of the same is $2497.

That is why, if you think that SSOM will cost you just $49, you are entirely wrong. If you want to earn any money with it, you will have to end up spending $2497. Up until now, you might have heard about MOBE plenty of times. So let us understand what exactly it is.

About MOBE:
Secret Society Of Millionaires Review selling MOBE

MOBE is a work from home training program. It revolves around teaching you how to start a digital business. The problem is previously; MOBE was shut down by FTC. It was shut down due to the pyramid scheme which it ran. It indicates that MOBE does not provide things of value.

You are getting lured into a program which was shut down by FTC. Also, since you will have to pay for the membership, you will be under a lot of financial pressure to make it work. You will have no other alternative but to participate in the dubious business model of MOBE.

The more you go into SSOM, the shadier it gets. Even if SSOM provided you with general affiliate marketing knowledge which you could have used with other products, it would have been good enough for $49. However, since it makes you stick with MOBE which is a sham, it is not advisable to go with SSOM in the first place.

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What should you know about SSOM?

There are a few red flags regarding SSOM which you should know.

1. No appropriate coaching:

Irrespective of what the video portrays, you will not get in-depth coaching. Neither, there is a mentoring role. You will get some necessary information which you can use along with MOBE. The entire video on the landing page is creating hype for SSOM. It does not provide you with any actual useful information. The product does not offer a lot of value either.

2. Testimonials are fake:

Secret Society Of Millionaires Review With fake testimonials

The people in the testimonials are paid-actors. You can hire them through fiverr. It indicates that the product does not work. Due to this very reason, if up until now you have been attracted to SSOM due to the reviews, you need to think again. The testimonials are entirely fake.

3. Owners pseudonym:

The owner is not there. Apart from the name Jason Alton, there is not much information available about the owner. The background of the owner is not clear to understand either. Moreover, the image of the owner, uploaded on the website is a stock photo. You can buy that image as well. It indicates that there is no real person by that name.

When you look at these red flags, it is clear that it is a sham website. The creator of the product has gone to great lengths to make it look genuine. However, with little research, it is clear that the product is not authentic. Due to this very reason, if you have been thinking about going for SSOM, you need to think again.

Is SSOM suitable for you?

SSOM is not suitable for anyone. It does not offer any valuable information, and it is just a front for signing you up into the MOBE program, you should altogether avoid it. It does not matter if you have prior Internet marketing experience or not; you should entirely avoid SSOM.


• None


• Fake owner

• Fake testimonials

• Does not provide anything of value

• Is just a front

• Requires you to promote a shady affiliate program

Secret Society Of Millionaires Review:Verdict

So, if you’re on the fence about Secret Society Of Millionaires, it is better to avoid it altogether. During our research for Secret Society Of Millionaires review, we found that there are many complaints regarding the program.

Also, since it does not provide anything of value, whether it is $49 or higher, you will end up wasting your money. The only way to make money from it is to sign up for the MOBE program for the minimum membership of $2497.

When you look at all of these factors cumulatively, it becomes clear that it is a program not worth buying. You will end up wasting your $49.

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