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SendEarnings Review

Today I will be reviewing this Get To Paid Rewards site known as SendEarnings. Congratulations for taking your time to do some research before buying a product.

This is the only way of avoiding scams and finding the legit way of making real money online.

Note that am not associated with SendEarnings in any way. Am not selling or promoting anything but to reveal the truth about this GPT site.

Welcome and let’s find out what SendEarnings is all about. This is an honest SendEarnings review.

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What’s SendEarnings

This is a Get Paid To Rewards site (GPT) that shares its advertisement revenue with its users.

SendEarnings is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises, a company that runs other sites such as InboxDollars, DailyRewards. They get their revenue from CotterWeb’s financial connections.

SendEarnings mainly focuses on rewards and not market research. Anyone who is 18 years and above can use this site regardless of the nationality.

How Does SendEarnings Work?

You earn money from SendEarnings when you perform various tasks online. This money comes from companies that pay SendEarnings for your details and opinions about their products and services. You can go through their privacy policy to know how the information will be used.

How Do I Earn From SendEarnings?

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There are various methods of earning money from SendEarnings. You can make money from SendEarnings in the following ways:

1. Reading Emails

Users can earn cash from clicking and reading the emails sent to you. You will receive four to eight emails per day and each email is worth $0.02.

2. Completing Surveys

You will receive surveys according to your demographic location. You can earn an average of $0.5 to three dollars when you complete them.

3. Playing Video Games

Yes, you get paid when you play video games. You will access their games through their World Winner site. You will receive money in your SendEarnings account when you access these games through SendEarnings. Note that these games are not your mainstream games such as Dota 2.

4. Watching Videos

You will earn some cents when you watch videos on their site. The videos have a maximum length of three minutes.

5. Coupons

You can earn 10cents from each coupon you redeem in the store. You can choose from 300 coupons daily and print them using their printer.

6. Completing Offers

Just like other GPT sites, you will earn $0.5 to 10 dollars depending on the offer. Ensure that you cancel your credit card subscriptions after.

7. Referrals

You will earn 10 percent of all the income earned by your referrals.

8. Using SendEarning’s Search Engine

Get 1 cent when you use their search engine twice. You can also get $0.005 bonus when using their search engine 4 times a week.

Minimum Payout

SendEarnings Review check earnings

The good thing about SendEarnings is that they pay you with actual cash instead of points. Their payment plan is not similar to other GPT sites. You can only cash out if you have reached their $30 minimum. Their processing fee is 3 dollars. So you can see how you can easily end up with $27.

How Do I Get Paid By SendEarnings?

Unlike other sites that pay its members through PayPal and gift cards, SendEarnings only pays you through checks. You have to submit a payment request when you reach their minimum payout.

You will also wait for about 2 weeks for the check to be processed. They will mail your check on Wednesdays after the 2 weeks.

Fortunately, you will get a bonus if you reach their minimum payout. You become a Gold Member automatically.

Benefits Of Becoming A Gold Member

You will get the following benefits when you reach their minimum payout of 30 dollars:

Quicker Payouts: You will avoid the two week processing period when you become a Gold Member. You will receive your payment on the next Wednesday.

Exclusive Offers: There are exclusive offers reserved for Gold Members.

More Referrals: All individuals who joined SendEarnings without being referred are distributed between the Gold Members. This will increase your referral income stream.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For SendEarnings?

SendEarnings is perfect for those who have few hours to spend on the web for some cash. Also, those who can complete 30 minutes survey without being bored and can patiently wait to reach their 30 dollars payout should try SendEarnings.

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The Downsides of SendEarnings

1. Inadequate surveys

Just like other GPT sites, SendEarnings is a survey intermediary between companies and people. You will find that they do not have enough surveys for all their members worldwide.

Also, your demographic profile will dictate the number of surveys you get. You won’t qualify for a survey if you don’t meet the needs of a company.

2. Low Income

Income from SendEarnings and other GPT sites is always low. Unfortunately, you only earn in cents. It will take a lot of time to reach the minimum payout.

For example, you will have to do more than 200 surveys for you to reach $30. It is not a good idea to waste such time for few bucks.

3. Uncredited Completing Offers

Customers have complained about SendEarnings’completed offers not being credited. It is sad that you have to go through these problems when you are earning less.

The Good Side Of SendEarnings

1. Rewards are in cash

The point system used by many GPT sites really sucks. You have to convert the points into cash. Nobody wants to struggle with calculations for them to estimate their income potential. SendEarnings on the hand pays its users in cash. You can track your income easily.

 SendEarnings Review Conclusion?

SendEarnings is far from being a scam. It is a GPT site that provides all that it needs to give, pay people when they complete surveys.

However, I do not recommend this program to anyone since their income is too low. Honestly, nobody can quit their job for this program.

The minimum payout is also too high and it will take some time for you to reach it. The complaints about their offers give them a bad reputation.

The good thing about SendEarnings is that they pay their members.

I recommend affiliate marketing since it has a high-income potential. It is the only sure way of making a living online.

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