Welcome to my SeneGence Reviews. Many people are looking for opportunities to make money online. If you have been on the quest to find the same, chances are you might have come across one or another MLM/network marketing company out there.

The problem is that it is tough to execute the business model which is explained by these companies. There are quite a few obstacles which you need to tackle.

In many cases, you will find that the business model is impractical. Hence, you should research the reviews of these companies in advance. It will save you time and effort in the longer run.

Today, we will go into the details of one such company. We will not only highlight our SeneGence review but also look at some other SeneGence reviews available online to help you understand if the company is up to the mark or not.

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What is SeneGence?

SeneGence Reviews

SeneGence is an MLM Company that is from $55 and beyond to be part of, which operates in the make-up and beauty industry. It has been around for 20 years.

That is why it is not a relatively unknown company. The bulk of the sales of SeneGence come from a single product which goes by the name of LipSense. It is the most popular subbrand of SeneGence.

The company started back in 1999 and located in California. The founder of the company is Joni Rogers-Kante. The company aims to provide high-quality products in its industry and customers. Now that you know the basic premise of the company let us look at the background information of the company.

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Basic info about SeneGence:

SeneGence is also known as SeneSisters. However, the company does not market this name since, at one point in time, it received bad publicity due to inflated sales claims. That is why; in most of the cases you will find that the company uses the SeneGence.

The claim which was made by the company is that Broadway productions use its flagship product. However, the claim was not valid. That is why; it received a significant amount of bad publicity. The company has tried to rebrand itself and shun that negative publicity by using the other name.

Is SeneGence a Pyramid scheme?

The year 2017 was not good for the company. Many people started pointing to the shady business practices that the company has been using. The payment structure for the distributors is not clear.

Many people allege that it uses a technique which goes by the name of front-loading, you may have heard of it. Front loading involves the company forcing its members to buy a large number of products for selling.

It primarily sells the products in the form of inventory to the distributors. The company can show inflated sales but the products are non-refundable which means that the independent distributors are stuck with them.

In the year 2017, The Outline claimed that SeneGence is an illegal pyramid scheme. While there has been no such a report since but it sure seems shady. That is why; you should go through this SeneGence review thoroughly to conduct proper due diligence.

What does SeneGence have on offer?

SeneGence Reviews Products

When it comes to the product, the company has a wide variety of products. Over 20 years, it has developed products across many different categories. Some of them which they currently serve are:

• Anti-aging

• Hair, body, lips, Face, eye products

• Skin care products

• Abundance Parfums

• Product collections

• And much more

SeneGence claims that the products which it sells are GMO-free and do not involve any cruelty on animals. Majority of the products are gluten-free. That is why; it does offer good products which you might want to try.

When you look at the flagship product which goes by the name of Lipsense, it is devoid of lead or wax. However, there are a few SeneGence reviews online which state that it consists of beeswax.

The company uses organic ingredients which ensure that the quality of the products is up to the mark.

It manufactures products in a facility which follows GMP which assures the customers regarding the quality of the product. It is tough to mention all the products offered by the company, but some of them are:

• SeneDerm Cleansers

• Eye creme

• SeneSerum-C

• LinerSense

• LipSense

• LipSense Gloss

• LipVolumizers

• BlushSense

• BrowSense

• LashSense

• UnderSense

• Body Wash

• Body Lotion

• Abundance Fresh Parfum

• SeneDerm BodyCare Collection

• And Many more

All of these products are from various categories. If you’re looking for a single company which provides you with the entire spectrum of beauty and cosmetic products, SeneGence is undoubtedly an option.

While the products might be good enough by it self but the same is not true for there business plan and how you can make money with SeneGence. We will go into the details of the same below.

How can you make money with SeneGence?

SeneGence offers you two different ways to make money. These are:

• Sales income

• Commission income

Sales income is the fastest way to make money with SeneGence. Whenever you demonstrate the product and get orders from the customer, you can earn an immediate commission. When speaking about commission income, it comes from the group sales volume which you generate and the downline growth.

Many of the SeneGence members prefer direct sales income. It is much easier to sell the products directly rather than build the down-line. When you place your first order, you automatically become an independent distributor.

After that, you start getting discounts on the products anywhere from 20% to 50%. It depends on the PV which you accumulate. Once you reach the threshold of 100 PV, you will gain the status of an active distributor.

After that, you can receive the bonus depending on the gross sales volume which you generate and the down line growth which you make.

The company ensures that you can consistently make money from sponsoring and training without the sales of the downline impacting your income. If you do not want to build your downline and want to use the SeneGence products, you can buy the products for yourself and get the sales income.

The exact sales income which you will get will be dependent on the products which you order and the frequency at which you order them. There are specific weekly sales income goals which you need to meet.

It will decide on the exact discount which you get. If you can retain customers through product reordering that can certainly increase your sales income. If you want to enjoy the benefits which come with the down line growth and the GSV bonus, it is better to have 300 PV.

The problem with the entire business model is that you earn most of the income through down-line growth. The direct sales income which you get is minimal. That is why; it is such a complicated business model to execute.

The business model might seem pretty easy on paper, but once you try to implement it, you will realize that most of the commissions are only in the down line growth and the group sales volume. That is why; it is difficult to make the right amount of money using the business model.

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What do others have to say about SeneGence?

SeneGence testimonials

Now that you are aware of the Achilles heel of SeneGence let us look at some other SeneGence reviews online. It will help you understand what others have to say about the company.

When you check its BBB listing, you will find that in the last three years, there are 82 complaints. It indicates that there are individuals who are unsatisfied with the products. Apart from their flagship product LipSense, you will find that most other products are a huge disappointment.

There are many negative reviews against those products. Many customers also explicitly mentioned that in spite of the products not working, there is no mechanism to get a refund.

When you combine the impractical business model with inferior products barring one, it is better to stay away from SeneGence all together.


• 20-year history

• The flagship product is up to the mark.


• No refunds

• Front loading business model

• Impractical business model

• Lots of complaints

• Substandard products

• Lack of customer support

• Similar to a pyramid scheme

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SeneGence Reviews:Verdict

So, if you’re on the fence when it comes to SeneGence, you should avoid it. Even if you want to try out the MLM companies, there are quite a few legit ones which offer you a decent chance to make money.

There are many other ways to make money online and off-line rather than using SeneGence. We have reviewed quite a few such legit money making opportunities on our website. Click HERE to know more about them!

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