Stash Invest Review

Does Stash Invest Really Work?

Welcome To My Stash Invest Review! Many people are looking to invest in a wide variety of financial instruments. However, they are not able to save every month.

There is now a solution which allows you to invest without having to save actively. That is what stash invest is. However, before you hop onto the bandwagon, it is essential to understand everything about stash invest.

After all, it will be investing your money. Do to this very reason, proper due diligence is necessary.

Today, we will share with you our stash invest review which will help you understand if it is beneficial for you. We will also go into the intricate details like the annual management fee and the minimum fees to bring you a holistic picture in my stash invest review.

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What is Stash Invest?

Stash Invest Review
In simplest terms, stash invest is a micro-investing platform in the form of an app. The year of inception was 2015. The founders of stash invest are Brandon Krieg, David Ronick, and Ed Robinson. Stash invest aims to make investing simple as pie for you.

It claims that now you can start investing with as little as $5. Also, stash invest provides you with over 30 different investment themes to choose. It is an app which allows you to invest directly into any of these investments. Let us now look at the intricacies of stash invest to understand more.

About Stash Invest:

In a way, stash invest is similar to Acorn and Digit App. It allows you to save small amounts in stock investments. If you’re willing to hold these investments for a long time, you can undoubtedly benefit from it.

You can sign up for stash to invest through their mobile app. Currently, they don’t have a website and work only through the mobile interface. You have to enter your SSN and link your checking account to it.

After that, stash invest will ask you to fill up a questionnaire which will assess your risk profile. The procedure is simple enough, and you can complete it within a few minutes.

Portfolio of Stash Invest:

The total investment themes on offer in Stash Invest are over 40. Most of these include exchange-traded funds. The questionnaire which you answer at the start will be used to recommend the investment solutions.

There are also stock-based investment solutions which mostly comprise of blue-chip companies and other stocks spread across various sectors. If you prefer investing in small companies, they provide such solutions as well.

The advantage of niche-based investments is that you can easily choose the investment solution which you mostly trust. You have to look at the risk which you can undertake and stash will accordingly recommend the investment solutions.

Features of Stash Invest:

Now that you are aware of the investment solutions let us look at some of the features of stash invest.

1. Retirement solutions:

Stash invest provides you with retirement solutions which include Roth IRA or traditional IRA accounts. You can invest in retirement solutions with a minimum of just $15.

2. Saving solutions:

In this solution, stash invest will monitor your spending habits. It will transfer the extra savings into your stash account for investment.

3. Automated investments:

The automated investment solution will automatically detect the predetermined amount from your savings account and transfer it to your stash account for investment.

4. Fractional shares:

Stash invest also allows you to make fractional investments which will ensure that you can buy shares of blue-chip companies easily.

5. Educational information:

If you’re starting in the investment world, stash invest also provides plenty of educational resources.

6. Forecasting tools:

These are tools with the help of which, you can calculate your future savings and investment returns. It will let you know how your investment corpus will grow in the future.

7. Encrypted correction:

Stash offers you 256-bit encrypted connection. It means that your information is always safe.

8. SIPC coverage:

The savings and investments done through stash have protection through SIPC. It includes $500,000 of brokerage protection and $250,000 of cash protection.

All of these features make stash invest a much safer solution. Before we go any further let us look at the fees and other charges of stash invest.

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Fees and Other details:

The minimum investment amount required to open an account is just $5. You can start investing with $5. Stash invest gives you $5 sign-up bonus which means that you will have $10 in total. The 1st month is entirely free.

After that, stash invest charges you $1 each month. Beyond that, there are no commissions or management fees. Thus, when you’re willing to take baby steps in the world of investment, stash invest is a good option.

When the corpus reaches $5000 or above, the monthly fee switches over to annual fee which is 0.25%, it comes to around $12.5 for $5000 and rises as your investment corpus increases. Hence; it is pretty affordable.

What should you know about Stash Invest?

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Before you make your decision about stash invest, let us highlight some of the shortcomings of the platform to provide you with a balanced view.

1. Only taxable accounts:

Stash invest does not provide you with tax-free brokerage accounts. While it offers some limited retirement solutions but most of the investment solutions which it provides are not tax-free.

2. Not suitable for expert investors:

The whole premise of stash invest is to make investing simple for you. If you have quite a good experience in the field of investing, you can easily opt for customized investment solutions on other platforms.

The company does not provide you with any research or advice. You have to pick between the thematic solutions available. It also does not allow you to handpick your stocks.

The dividends which come through these investments are not reinvested automatically. Due to this very reason, it is not entirely suitable for expert investors.

When you look at the holistic picture, these drawbacks are pretty negligible. If you are new to the investment world; stash invest is one of the best options for you.

Is Stash Invest suitable for you?

Stash invest is suitable for investors who are taking baby steps in the world of investing. If you want hands-free investment solution which offers you a low-cost platform, stash invest is one of the best options for you.

Since it provides all of the services and more through an app, it is easy to access your investments in a single go. Stash invest is perfect for any investor starting in the world of investing and does not want to deal with specific research or taking risky investment goals.


• Low-cost

• Minimum investment threshold of $5

• Sign-up bonus

• Offers thematic investment solutions

• Multiple investment solutions on offer

• SIPC protection


• Not suitable for expert investors

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Stash Invest Review: Verdict

So, if you’re looking for an easy to use investment platform, stash invest is the perfect solution for you. During our research for stash invest review, we found that many investors in-fact have inculcated the habit of investing with the help of this app.

That is why; stash invest is undoubtedly a smart option when looking to start your investment journey. The ease of use and simplicity make it an excellent choice.

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