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Everyone’s looking for the best Affiliate Marketing Secrets they can find to help them get out of these finacial hard times we are all facing. And I claim to have found it. Back in 2017 I had come across the Wealthy Affiliate program which has been around for quite some time now. During its 15 years online, it has seen way more than 1 million members sign up for its coaching alone.

While there are quite a few members who have achieved success using wealthy affiliate, but  most like enjoying there success behind the curtains. But there are some exceptions. Today I will share with you 5 of my favorit success stories of individuals who have made it big with the wealthy affiliate system alone.

The success of these individuals alone will make you realize how beneficial and lucrative the wealthy affiliate system can be everyone who follows it. Most of these individuals actively blog their success stories and affiliate marketing secrets on the wealthy affiliate community platform on a regular basis.

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What should you know before reading through their success stories?

These are the individuals who are actively using the principles they have learned using the wealthy affiliate program alone. Using these Affiliate Marketing Secrets, they have not only made money advertising the wealthy affiliate program but also with various other affiliate programs through the techniques and training they have acquired through the wealthy affiliate program itself.

Their results speak for themselves. Once you read through their stories, you will understand why I advise you to go with wealthy affiliate if you ever dream of having online financial success and freedom.

Additionally, there are hundreds of other members if not thousands making large amounts of money with this program. But like I said earlier most of them prefer to keep all this on the down low. The success stories which you will go through below are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with this program.

Know Let us cut to the chase and dive deep into five individuals success stories who have made quite a significant amount of money using the wealthy affiliate techniques.

1. Jerry Huang’s journey to $100k week:

Jerry Affiliate Marketing Secrets



Jerry Huang recently disclosed the results of his latest launch. He managed to touch $100,000 in the launch week. Jerry has been a member of wealthy affiliate since 2016.

However, as of late his success speaks volumes about what these Affiliate Marketing Secrets taught by wealthy affiliate can do for you. He entirely credits his success to wealthy affiliate. He made over $100,000 by enrolling more than 500 students for his affiliate marketing course.

Sure enough, his success did not happen overnight, and he has been working at it for a year, but his efforts have finally paid off. He earned a free trip to the yearly wealthy affiliate conference in Las Vegas Nevada. In between, he had also blogged about his success when he made $7400 in a week around Black Friday.

When you go through his blog post, you will realize that he credits his entire success to wealthy affiliate. At the same time, he states that success did not come easy. He had to work very hard for it.

Jerry Huang’s journey to $100,000 in the launch week in under a year might give you goosebumps, but that is the power of wealthy affiliate. If you’re willing to work hard, nothing is impossible when it comes to wealthy affiliate.

2. Grace’s (aka littlemama) success in a year:

Grace Affiliate Marketing Secrets


Are you all fired up after reading the last success story? If yes, the next one will excite you even more. This success story is of Grace. She had hit paydirt on Black Friday, 2018.

One of the facts which she disclosed recently was that in 2017, she had made just $374 on Black Friday. She had a total of 3 sales. However, her efforts and patience finally paid off when on Black Friday, 2018 she made 31 sales. She was able to make $3870. Her year full of effort paid off 10x.

I already hear you say, how is that possible? According to Grace, while the bulk of her earnings might have come on Black Friday but she worked hard to build up her online business and email marketing list throughout the year. In fact, throughout the year she sent 5400 referrals to wealthy affiliate.

She wrote a lot of product reviews to build such an extensive list. By the time, Black Friday arrived; she already had completed most of the work. The trigger was sending that one final email.

However, that single email came with a twist. Instead of just pushing the Black Friday deals, she sent an email which could help all of her subscribers. She provided Value.

She taught them how to make $130 per sale. Needless to say, the subscribers were intrigued like you, and therefore the open rate was high. All of that helped her achieve that result in the Black Friday week.

Are you yearning for more affiliate success stories? If yes, keep on reading we have something special coming up for you.

3. Eric’s journey to $7, 202 per month:

Eric Affiliate Marketing Secrets


The next affiliate success story on our list is of Eric. He likes to blog about his affiliate marketing secrets while sharing his success with us on the forum. He admits right away that he is a fan of wealthy affiliate and has been around for three years.

While he did not see stellar success initially but finally he found his groove. Recently, he posted the screenshot of his monthly earnings which were around $7202.50. Now how is that for a monthly income?

Eric highlights that his success mantra is to rely on consistency, patience, and trust. In fact, he highlights a couple of other points which you should keep in mind if you want to become successful in affiliate marketing. These include:

• Do not expect overnight results

• Wealthy affiliate provides you with the precise system to follow to make such an income like Eric.

He further elaborates on the second point that wealthy affiliate can teach you four essential things you need when it comes to affiliate marketing. These include:

• Finding a profitable niche

• Creating an affiliate marketing website

• Building quality content

• Converting the visitors to sales

In the end, he once agin emphasizes highly on staying persistent and trusting the system is key. When you go through his success story, the one thing which you can easily see is that believing and trusting In wealthy affiliate system can work wonders for you. We also repeat the same throughout this success story.

We have been saying it all along. Wealthy affiliate does provide you with a precise system which reduces the trial and error. It helps you directly follow the blueprint rather than wasting your time trying out different techniques. It shows how wealthy affiliate scores highly over others programs.

4. AffTraining’s Journey to $1000/week:

Afft Affiliate Marketing Secrets


The success story which we are speaking about now is from a guy under the pseudo-name of AffTraining. Nevertheless, a screenshot of making $9998.50 from the wealthy affiliate program eliminates all doubts.

That is equivalent to $1000/week. It indicates that using the secrets of wealthy affiliate along with its affiliate program can really help you make a significant amount of money online.

AffTraining did not experience overnight success. He hit $1000/week in September 2018. Before that, his earning stats were:

• $ 2301 in June

• $ 3145 in July

• $ 3648 in August

In fact, he also made it to the WA Vegas super affiliate conference. The income source highlighted above is only one of his revenue streams. There are quite a few others. He also shared some screenshots of his earnings from other websites.

One such site made him $5454.12. It indicates that his total income using the techniques he learned from WA is much higher.

One thing which you will find common in most of these affiliate success stories is that they were not overnight. These individuals decided to work day in and day out for more than a year to achieve that success.

That is why; the wealthy affiliate program is so beneficial. It is not a get-rich-overnight scheme but a program which can help you make a consistent income. These success stories make it crystal clear that if you’re willing to put in the hard work, the wealthy affiliate program can make it easy for you to make consistent income online.

Now let us progress to our next success story.

5. Craigrut’s Amazon Success:

craig Affiliate Marketing Secrets


Craigrut is the individual behind our next success story. The best thing about his success is that he articulates clearly that the principles and coaching of the wealthy affiliate can help you make money with other affiliate programs. This fact makes his success story more unique.

He recently shared in his blog that he made $1738 in December 2018 promoting products through his Amazon niche site. It was the first month in which he hit four figures. He is upbeat and even mentioned that his goal is to hit five digits in 2019.

While $1738 might not be a large amount of income but the rate at which he is growing almost makes it inevitable that he will be able to increase it significantly in the next few months.

Moreover, his success with the Amazon affiliate program further highlights the fact that you can use Clickbank, CPA, and various other affiliate programs to make money using wealthy affiliate techniques. When you have so many different options, the sky is the limit. Simply sign up with wealthy affiliate and take control of your future income today.

His success story is a clear example of how the wealthy affiliate coaching can help you make money in more ways than one.

That means if you’re looking to diversify your income sources, the wealthy affiliate can undoubtedly help you out. The teachings of wealthy affiliate are universal which help you make money through an affiliate program or the revenue stream of your choice.

After all these success stories, there is not an iota of doubt that wealthy affiliate works. If you need some inspiration, you can alway’s go through and read these affiliate success stories again and again.

Many of these marketers also revealed their affiliate marketing secrets daily on the forum which makes it clear that wealthy affiliate provided them with a treasure of techniques and knowledge that helps them make there consistent, decent online income for years to come.

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These success stories make the wealthy affiliate program different from the other get-rich-quik scams. The truth is about wealthy affiliate is that it just works, hands down.

The training here at WA absolutely delivers. There are success stories happening daily here. But remember, none of those success stories happened overnight or without hard work. Everyone started at square one like you will.

They all invested into themselves and made that investment pay off BIG.

So ready yourself, and instead of wasting your time on different techniques and short-term make money online scams, it is advisable for you to grab the bull by the horns and start building your affiliate marketing empire with wealthy affiliate today!

With this program you get a full on easy to follow step-by-step blueprint which helps you create an appropriate business model online. The best part about it is you can get the help of any one of the people above, to ask how they achieved there success online, and many,many  more as well. They are always to help. Now It’s time to go check out wealthy affiliate for yourself. To try it for FREE today just Click HERE.