Fearless Momma

There are many digital marketing products which focus on solo ads, email marketing, and other such marketing techniques. Sure enough, these techniques help you make a lot of money, but they make it sound darn easy.

The truth is that, whichever marketing technique you use like email marketing or using solo ads, you have to go through a steep learning curve. Only when you go through the learning curve, you can get to a point where you can make consistent money.

The product which we are speaking about today is The Fearless momma. It claims that it can teach you how to use solo ads and email marketing to earn commissions quite easily. We will today describer the product and help you understand whether it works.

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What is The Fearless momma (TFM)?

The Fearless momma goes into the details of solo ads and email marketing. It also teaches you how to create a landing page and how to buy traffic using solo ads. The primary focus is that you can make up to $250 in every sale.

The thing which you need to understand however is that it has based its entire model on promoting The Fearless momma itself from the traffic and email leads which you get from the techniques. Thus, it is trying to recruit you to market the main product itself that is The Fearless momma.

There are very few other products which allow you the opportunity to make hundreds of dollars on every sale.

That is why, if at all you want to have a remote chance of making the same kind of money as shown on their sales pitch, you have no other alternative but to promote The Fearless momma itself.

How does TFM work?The Fearless momma


When you promote fearless momma, you get the reselling rights to it. You can buy TFM for $250. The primary goal here is that it states that you can make up to $250 per sale. That is what drives people to buy TFM.

The product makes you believe that if you are willing to spend $250 on a product, others will as well. It is the basis on which the high earnings shown on the landing page can be fruitful.

It states that since you have the reselling rights, you can make a hundred percent of the amount as commission. That is why, when you promote it and even get a single sell, you can get up to $250. If you get multiple sales, you hold all the revenue.

That is why people are attracted to it. It allows you to leverage the product to make more money by selling the same product.

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The problem is that it is not that easy to sell a $250 product. Moreover, you will be selling the product on your own which means that apart from the system, there will be little to no help.

Since the entire model promotes selling this very product, over a while, there will be hundreds of marketers pushing the same product as there will be no other option for them to recoup their money.

In such a case, the overexposure will reduce the conversion rate of the product overall. That is why; it will be complicated for you to make any money irrespective of the amount of effort  you put into it.

Also it will soon get saturated which will make it very difficult for you to make any money at all with TFM. You have to consider this before you decide on buying TFM.

Now that you are aware of its business model, it is time to look at some of the shortcomings.

What are the shortcomings of TFM?Woman on laptop frustrated over The Fearless momma upsells

Once you go through the shortcomings of TFM, you will realize how hard it is to make money with the system.

1. The significant amount of capital needed:

One thing which TFM does not highlight is that to replicate its model even remotely, you will need a considerable amount of money.

First of all, you need to spend $250 on the product. When you’re just starting, this is a significant amount. Secondly, some of the other resources which you need to spend on include:

• Creating landing pages and blogs

• Joining and Creating click funnels

• Trying out the solo ads

• Spending money on tracking

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You need to spend a lot of money on all of these resources to have even a remote chance of making any kind of money. At the start, most likely you will go through a lot of trial and error.

When you’re going through a lot of trial and error, you will have to spend a lot on solo ads without any sales consistently. Only once you optimize your campaigns, you can get a decent chance of making any money. Up until then, you will have to spend money consistently.

2. Not that easy:

The product makes it sound like solo ads, and email marketing is pretty easy. You have to buy the solo ads, and you can get the sales and the leads. It is not true at all. In many cases, the merchants who sell solo ads are not genuine.

You will have to sail through a lot of trouble to find a few decent sellers. Along the way, you will have to spend money to check the traffic consistently.

Most of the traffic will be junk. Therefore, you will have to pay more and more money to find the right solo ads seller. At the time, you will have to optimize your email marketing campaigns as well to find a winning combination. It is a very intricate balance to achieve.

3. Steep learning curve:

In spite of TFM teaching you the basics about solo ads and email marketing, you will have to learn a lot on your own. The product teaches you the basics of solo ads and email marketing. It is so much more than that.

You will have to attain the expert status in both of these domains before you think about making any money. That can take you hundreds of hours. In the meantime, you will have to invest into the system to keep on testing differant advertising methods consistently.

4. High product cost:

Moreover, you will have to shell out $250 up front. Only when you shell out that amount, you can buy the product. The product in itself also provides only basic knowledge. It is just a start and not a proper system which will help you make money.

As you can see, the shortcomings of TFM are plenty. You have to be aware of the deficiencies and then decide whether you want to go for TFM or not.


• Complete reselling rights

• 100% commissions


• basic knowledge

• Excessive capital required

• Steep learning curve

• Difficult to execute the model

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So, if up until now you are attracted by the sales pitch of The Fearless momma, it is time to think again. The problem with TFM is that even though it gives you complete freedom to promote other products as well but it is not a feasible solution.

You will have to stick to TFM to make it work. Then also, there are quite a few hindrances which you need to overcome as well.

That is why; it is not a suitable product for beginners or even experienced marketers. If you’re interested in creating an online income , and you don’t just want to learn how to make money online, but learn how to do it the proper way, then Click here. Start for FREE today.