The Residual Income Code

Welcome to The Residual Income Code review. Do you want to create a Residual Income for yourself and your family online, and you get caught up between the different reviews on how “You to can earn a few hundred dollars a day with ease”?

Or maybe you’re getting caught up reading Scam after scam that promise you the moon but never actually deliver, while secretly actually waiting to take you for every last dime you have and more?

Then you’ve come to the right place, as I have honest reviews for a crystal clear understanding about The Residual Income Code. I will explain you how the module works with every detail and why The Residual Income Code is not the very best way to make money online.

Today many such systems have been created with a promise to pay you instantly and I have tried almost every one of them,this has helped me clearly calculate the authenticity of these portals and thats where come in to help you out.

I will also put light to the facts and figures to tell you why such a system will always make you go after the money instead of letting the money come to you.

I will be explaining my review on the basis of the following points;

· What is The Residual Income and What is Residual Income Code?

· How does The Residual Income Code Work?

· Is The Residual Income Code A Scam or Is it Authentic?

· Bonus pro tips and tricks I used in creating assets which brought me money.

I believe having a clear insight on the term Residual Income before The Residual Income Code as having a quick understanding of the term residual income will make it very easy for you to understand the details specification of The Residual Income Code.

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Residual Income is divided into two types, the first one is a simple formula based
explanation where the difference of your total income and total debt stands for residual income (Monthly Net Income – Monthly Debt/Expenditure = Residual Income) and the next type of residual income is the income that gets generated for you without actually investing time on it as it is not your main stream of income source.

Now with this program it is a free marketing and sales funnel which is used to promote and advertise your product and earn with commission on every sale.

There modules are based on affiliate marketing systems where you can promote different products to gain commission if you could sell a product.

I have been using affiliate marketing for a long time and it is a very legitimate working business model but the kind of working model This program provides is  completely different. Let me explain,

· The Residual Income Code makes you use their own marketing funnel to promote which means that you will be using the same portal or same website you used to sign up for The Residual Income Code.

You are not applicable to use any other social media platforms or any other kind of portal to promote there products.

· You have to sign up for the particular products to obtain their affiliate links. The Residual Income Code only makes one out of  four products so you would never need those others for your system ever!

· Here comes the bitter truth, as you go through the landing page for The Residual Income Code used to sign up for all your accounts for the products to get affiliate links, the person that shared with you the initial landing page is making money out of it!

· Now you see that, every one who is signed up with this system is basically unaware of the person you are signed under.

This program will also provide you your very own landing pages and when you promote your pages to different people and they click on your affiliate links on your page and buy, you will earn the commission.

There are other marketing funnels that I’ve reviewed like Funnel X Project, Instant Income Method, and Wifi Wealth System. So, let me explain to you how The Residual Income Code works?

How does The Residual Income Code Work?

The Residual Income Code review

Once you have registered with them, the landing page will take you to your own page where you customize the page which contains all your affiliate links. The site then further takes you through their members to sign up and ask you to buy the following packages:

· Engagely for $27 which is onetime fee – It helps you with your headlines and titles for a better traffic collection on social media platforms. The package is a must buy to get your affiliate links for the products.

· Online Sales Pro$25$37/month – Lead generation, marketing automation, and direct sales software tool that you MUST buy in order to get an affiliate link.

The Residual Income Code also asks you to buy different tracking tools and paid traffic which totally goes up to the cost of $517 to $2100

Is The Residual Income Code A Scam or Is it Authentic?

The Residual Income Code is not a scam, it is a marketing funnel which you can use freely. But it has a trick involved which I have explained earlier which is signing up to the landing page and then buying all the tools which you might not even need.

The most important question that must be riding in your mind is Can I make money with The Residual Income Code? My answer to the question is a huge Yes, you can surely make money with it.

Also, as per my perception The Residual Income Code take a huge investment initially and throughout the time you work on it this does not make it the best marketing sales funnel.

If you wish to go ahead with this program you must learn to generate traffic or getting it through paid traffic is sure to exhaust your budget with a blink of an eye.

 Bonus pro tips and tricks I used in creating assets which has brought me money.

Let me tell you what I would have done and why wouldn’t  joined This program.

·I would end up buying the things I do not particularly need.

· The freedom of choosing the product to promote is not mine at The Residual Income Code

· I would have to invest in a lot of money from the initial stage which I perceive to be very risky because once the portal gets shut, what would I do?

· No training program is available on The Residual Income Code. The most details the funnel lets you know is how to get your affiliate links created.

The entire training there program has to offer consist of 25 minutes of 6 videos. So, I can say that The Residual Income Code has generated a portal which will allow me to earn money but basically it does not teach me how to earn money with it!

The best tips I can give you to get yourself a good money income source:

The Residual Income Code teaching

· Create your own online business place where you do not search for people but people come searching for you. Find out Here!!!

· Never depend on the Paid Traffic because if you do not know how to utilize it, you will end up clearing your bank balance. The online business which you create will attract many visitors and this will lead to no investment in traffic.

· Have complete training and deep learning of any portal you wish to work with as that would make you understand the pros and cons of working with them.

Finally, the last thing that I would want to mention is, why do I never work with portals like
The Residual Income Code.

I do not like the concept of working towards something that is not time tested. If it hasn’t been around for more than 8 years it has not proven itself to be a quality system to make honest money.

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If someday The Residual Income  drops off the face of the earth for some reason, how bad would it affect my business, and the time and effort I put into it. All would come to zero in a blink of an eye.

I have to keep to my word and say that I would not recommend The Residual Income Code for anyone.

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