When you create a website, in spite of choosing WordPress or any other CMS, there are some limitations which are induced by the themes or the templates which you use.

If you want to work around them, you might have to hire a designer or an architect to induce those functionalities on your website. The problem in doing so is that it is costly.

Thrive architect promises to remove those limitations. It claims that it can help you introduce any design elements without any coding or programming knowledge.

Your can do that yourself with the help of the Thrive Architect (TA) plug-in. Today we are going to share with you our thrive architect review to help you understand if it is true to its claims or not.

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What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect (TA) claims that you can make your landing pages and website visually appealing by dragging and placing the elements which you want.

Your can give visual transformation to your site with the help of this plug-in. At the same point in time, you don’t need to worry about coding any extra features. There are some websites which use the plug-in. The question is, does it work for beginners as well as experienced users?

It consists of a visual editor for WordPress. Your can view your website as you make the changes, these are just preview-changes. Once you finally click the publish button, the actual changes will take place.

It will provide you with a trial and error interface to make the changes which you want with ease. Moreover, it is compatible with the whole host of WordPress themes which ensures that you can easily modify any theme without any problems at all.

How does Thrive Architect work?

Let us now delve into the actual working principle of TA. TA allows you to add the various elements to your pages. Your can induce these elements with the help of a single click. Some elements are:

• Image

• Columns

• Images

• Buttons

• Headings

• Content box

• Click to Tweet

• Countdown

• And much more

Most of the elements are known to Webmasters as well as web designers. However, using them with the help of coding is pretty tricky.

With the help of TA, however, it is easy to induce those elements into your blog post as well as landing pages. Your can use the existing content about those elements, or you can put in new content. The choice is entirely up to you.

When you install the TA plug-in on your WordPress website, you will get the options to add all of these elements. The elements have subcategories which can make it easier for you to find the desired element.

It also offers a search box to find the element which you want to integrate. As a result, using TA is not tricky at all. Moreover, there are proper tutorials which will help you in using TA.

Regarding the number of elements, there is quite a bit of choice. It will drastically curtail the need to install different applications for getting different functionalities on your website. With the help of TA, you can fit all of those functionalities quite easily.

Features of TA:

Now that you are familiar with the working mechanism of TA, it is time to look at some of its features. Once you look at the features, you can make a better decision as to whether you should opt for this plug-in or not. These features include:

• Your can build a professional homepage which can help you brand your website.

• You can beautifully format your blog post.

• Your can make landing pages and opt-in pages.

• You can modify your pages easier to increase the interaction and the conversion rate.

• It is possible to generate a proper sales funnel with the help of TA.

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Thus, it helps you optimize your websites in a much better way. As a result, if you have a site which has visitors and traffic already, you can increase the conversion rate with the help of TA.

Thrive Architect pricing

What are the shortcomings of Thrive Architect?

With that, all is not hunky-dory with TA. You have to look at some of the shortcomings of TA as well though. Only when you take into account the flaws, it is easier for you to understand whether you should opt for it or not.

1. Steep learning curve:

Once you get the hang of TA, it is effortless to use. However, if you’re starting with it, for every small thing, you will have to refer to the tutorials.

Your have to devote significant time to not just understand TA but also know more about it and its functionalities. Even though videos are available on YouTube and forum as well, but the learning curve is very steep. It will require you to devote hours together.

2. Works great with other thrive products:

If you want to use TA in a completely seamless fashion, you might have to opt for other thrive products. As a result, you will have to spend more money.

It will work with the free themes as well as various other free tools, but when you want to use it to the maximum and with full efficiency, you might have to opt for other thrive products. If you already have access to the other thrive products or do not mind buying them, it is an excellent plug-in for you.

3. Time-consuming:

The level of customization on offer in TA is such that once you start customizing your website and get the hang of it, you will spend hours together to modify your site.

In such a case, the overall time which you spend on your site on a weekly basis will increase dramatically. While the visual appearance of your website will enhance but the time devoted to the designing of your website will increase. It is quite addictive. That is why; you have to keep this factor in mind before deciding TA.

4. Cannot move away from TA:

Once you have formatted the badges on your website in TA, you cannot get away from it. If you’re uninstalling the plug-in or discontinue it, the entire designing will be haphazard on your website. Your will have to continue using TA if you want to make your site look good enough. It is one of the main shortcomings of TA.

That is why, if you’re thinking of opting for TA, you have to look at the shortcomings before taking the leap.

Is it suitable for you?

TA is suitable for only some marketers rather than every one of them. Marketers for whom TA is appropriate are:

• Experienced marketers

• Marketers who want to have a stunning website

• Marketers who want to create landing pages and sales funnels

• Marketers who do not mind spending a lot of time to make their sites perfect

If you fall into any of these categories, TA is pretty good for you.


• Allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing website

• Enables you to introduce various elements without coding knowledge on your site

• Permits you to preview the changes

• Minimizes the use of other plug-ins

• Reduces the need for coding knowledge

• Uses visual editor


• Steep learning curve

• Might need other thrive products

• Time-consuming

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Thrive Architect: Verdict

So, if you’re thinking of buying thrive architect, it is essential to try to get traffic on your blog. Only a blog with a significant number of visitors can monetize it better by using thrive architect. Thrive architect is a perfect tool for someone who is already getting thousands of visitors every month on his/her blog.

If you’re a complete beginner, investing right now on thrive architect is not a good idea. In such a case, you have to invest in programs which can help you to rack up traffic on your website. Click HERE to know more about them!