Total Life Changes is a staggered advertising wholesome enhancement organization made by Jack Fallon in 1999. Before 2012, the secretly held organization was known as SeAcai.

The organization’s product offering highlights healthy skin items, oils, teas, and fluid recipes. As per the organization’s site, Total Life Changes want to give high normal items and to offer clients the chance to change their financial status through a productive twofold remuneration plan.

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The Total Life Changes MLM Opportunity

Staggered Marketing (MLM) is an advertising system in which the business constraint is remunerated for deals they create as well as for the offers of the other salesmen that they enroll.

This selected deals drive is alluded to as the member’s downline, and can give different dimensions of remuneration. Different terms utilized for MLM incorporate pyramid moving, arrange to showcase, and referral advertising.

In layman’s terms, this implies you’ll earn a commission for each Total Life Changes item you move, and if you enlist a Representative, you’ll additionally acquire a commission for each deal they make. Also, the more individuals you have in your downline, the more cash you remain to make.

We have reviewed a large number of the most famous MLM openings here at HighYa, including Nerium AD, Lucrazon, Solavei, and some more.

And keeping in mind that a few organizations accompany preferable appraisals over others, the most widely recognized dissension encompassing MLM “openings” is that agents are centered more around enrolling individuals in their downline than they are tied in with moving items.


What’s the issue with that, you inquire? All things considered, this is the great meaning of a Ponzi conspire, which is illicit.

Presently, remember that we’re not saying Total Life Changes is deliberately running a Ponzi plot; just this is a typical grumbling.

The second most regular protestation is the disappointment rate for MLM agents, which floats something close to 99 percent. What’s this mean? 99 out of each 100 individuals who pay cash to wind up an MLM organization rep never observe a dime on their venture.

As per False Profits, “Fiscally, the chances for a person to make money related progress, under those conditions, match the chances of succeeding at the tables.

In addition, the 1 percent who do make cash is essentially simply taking it from the general population who fizzled, which adds up to many billions of dollars.

Master tip: Because we’ve reviewed such a significant number of system advertising organizations, we likewise thought that it was vexing that Total Life Changes doesn’t list their remuneration plan on their site.

In spite of the fact that these can be extensive and difficult to peruse, we feel this is something any trustworthy MLM organization should list.

Total Life Changes’ Online Customer Reputation

Woman shaking mans hand,Total Life Changes Review on reputation

At the season of our exploration, Total Life Changes based out of Ira, MI, held an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, in light of 187 shut objections. composed that Total Life Changes appears to make great quality items that can give genuine medical advantages, yet they were worried that you’ll make your cash by enlisting others not by moving Total Life Changes items.

Over this, they noticed that Total Life Changes gives exceptionally constrained promoting preparing. They additionally stressed that in light of the fact that the organization has such a large number of delegates, your market might be soaked, making it considerably more difficult to procure great cash.

The obligation-free organization initially started in Chesterfield, Michigan. It as of late opened another head office in 2014 in Fontana, California. The organization conducts business in more than 140 nations around the world and utilizes more than five thousand individuals. Its yearly worldwide income is as of now obscure.

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Unconditional promise

The organization’s healthy skin line is intended to battle the impacts of maturing, dispense with dark circles, and fix generally imperativeness. The organization asserts that shoppers can encounter brilliant and more youthful looking skin in as meager as 30-days through every day utilize.

The organization likewise includes an entire wholesome enhancement line to advance solid living. Items might be obtained exclusively or bundled together in packs. Total Life Changes offers a 100 percent unconditional promise if items are returned inside 30 days.

High Commissions

Free entrepreneurs through Total Life Changes get 50 percent commissions from item deals. Commissions are paid week by week on the crossover double pay plan.

Autonomous entrepreneurs are likewise qualified to get Fast Start Bonuses, month to month Lifestyle Bonuses, and downline commissions going from 10-35 percent. There is a $20,000 double top.

The organization likewise offers a vehicle reward, check coordinate reward, and an assortment of other money-related motivating forces.

New wholesalers get their own site and are given up to $1,500 in Lifestyle Bonus help as the business develops. Merchants must accomplish the position of National Marketing Director and meet different necessities so as to accomplish this help.

Merchants who support individuals in the principal month get $60 commissions off the required auto-ship enlistment buys.


Auto shipping boxes for Total Life Changes company

Offshoots are required to keep up a month to month autoship of $40 so as to be qualified to get commissions. The organization expresses that there is no expense to join the business opportunity, however, you should pay the $40 so as to get commissions.

The open door could be better clarified and evaluating for the chance and items isn’t recorded obviously. Item fixings are additionally not recorded. The organization could improve by giving more straightforwardness with respect to its items and administrations.

Absence of Information

The organization offers a corporate cost account and a vehicle reward to its free entrepreneurs. However, there is no data accessible on the most proficient method to qualify. For the Corporate Expenses Account, the organization just expresses that partners can win up to $1,000 that they may spend however they wish.

For the bar reward, the main data given is that associates can gain a money payout of up to $1,500 that offshoots may spend however they wish too.

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Selected Sponsor

So as to join on the web, you should know an Enrolled Sponsor and have their ID number. The organization does not give a rundown of accessible patrons to select under. People who don’t have this data might be bound to locate an option comparable organization to join.

The organization could improve the situation by making it less demanding to join without requiring a current Sponsor by appointing one consequently in their general vicinity.

Total Life Changes is a staggered advertising organization most appropriate for people trying to carry on with a sound lifestyle using dietary enhancements.

No enlisting or supporting other colleagues is required so as to be qualified to gain commissions. However, merchants are required to keep up a 40 PV auto ship item buy standard to be qualified for commissions earned.

The organization could likewise complete a superior employment of clarifying the item costs and fixings and in addition the general business opportunity on its corporate site.

Shoppers are encouraged to continue with alert and research altogether for themselves before settling on a choice to contribute.

My Total Life Changes Review: Conclusion

I’ll leave this decision up to you on choosing Total Life Changes or not. It’s not a program I would personaly use, but I have given you plenty of imformation for you to make a knowledgeable decision on your own.