What Is Conversiobot? Chat Bots are very common these days. They are the best way to increase conversions and interaction with the visitors on your website.

The only problem is that if you have limited programming or coding knowledge, it is not easy to create a chatbot exclusively for your site. The solution to this problem can be conversiobot.

You might be wondering what is conversiobot? It is a chatbot which claims that you can quickly increase your conversion and interaction on your website. We will today share with you our conversiobot review to help you understand if it is really that effective.

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What is conversiobot?What Is Conversiobot


When you visit the sales page of conversiobot, the 1st thing which you will notice is that you  have to just add one single line of code to your page to integrate it. You don’t need to possess any programming or coding knowledge. Furthermore, it claims that you can increase your sales significantly with the help of conversiobot.

Some of the stats on the sales page of the conversiobot state that the conversion rate went up by 198% in just 6 hours after integrating conversiobot. It states that the bot helps you to collect emails and build an email list.

Conversiobot relies on premade templates and AI technology to interact with visitors. The landing page states that more and more affiliates are useing conversiobot to increase there conversion rate. According to the landing page, there are many Fortune 500 companies which use such Chat Bots. Some of the names in the video include:

• Disney

• Facebook

• Starbucks

• Staples

• MasterCard

• And much more

They also claim that such Chat Bots are not only suitable for Fortune 500 companies but a variety of other websites like:

• Affiliate review websites

• Blogs

• Sales letters

• E-commerce websites

• Freelance sites

• Consultancy websites

If up until now, you were worried about the integration of this bot with your website, you don’t need to worry at all. The site mentions that it is compatible with a variety of platforms like:

• Lead pages

• Shopify

• JVZoo

• WordPress

• Click funnels

• Click bank

• And much more

You can integrate it with email autoresponders like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber. Thus in terms of integration, you will have no problems at all from conversiobot.

Different types:

Conversiobot offers various types of bots like:

What Is Conversiobot Offers OTO's

• Widget bot: Widget bot is similar to the live chatbots which you see on multiple websites. It stays on the corner of your page and when clicked, opens up a chat window.

• Embedded bot: Embedded bot appears in the form of a chat box which is always open in a specific part of your website.

• Full page bot: The full-page as the name itself suggests, fills the entire screen.

• Exit bot: Whenever the user tries to exit your site, the exit bot opens up. The chat box can then gain the attention of the user who is trying to exit.

Thus, conversiobot offers multiple bot options. You can use it in various ways.

How does it work?

The landing page of conversiobot claims that it works in 3 simple steps. These are:

Step 1: You have to choose the template of the bot.

Step 2: You have to get the code of the bot.

Step 3: You have to copy-paste that code on to your website.

The dashboard offers you the opportunity to easily integrate it with your email autoresponder system with a single click. There is no extra coding or detailed procedure which you need to follow.

The number of templates available is plenty which means that you can choose the right one easily. They are available across various categories which allow you to pick the correct one. There is video training to help you set up the bots easily.

The best thing about conversiobot is that it offers templates that are suitable for bloggers, e-commerce websites and many other online businesses. That is why it is so effective. Even after numerous web templates on offer if you’re not satisfied with that, you can easily customize the templates to your advantage.

It means that you can customize the entire chatbot as per your requirement. It will allow you to interact with the visitors with precision. The video training not only details the use of the bot but also the customization process. You will have no issues in customizing it.

Another decisive factor about conversiobot is that it does not try to upsell you. When you buy it, it directly takes you to the membership area.

All in all, it is highly effective and easy to use which makes it a good choice when you’re looking to increase the interaction with your visitors.

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What should you know about conversiobot?

While conversiobot might be very useful but it is essential to know a few things about it before you purchase conversiobot.

1. Not integrated with each email service provider:

Conversiobot is not compatible with every email service. A prime example is ConvertKit. Consequently you need to figure out the integrations in advance. You have to verify the same from their website.

Only when it works with the email service which you use, it is easy to go ahead and opt for Conversiobot. If the integration is not available, it will not be that valuable for you. That is why verifying in advance is a good idea.

2. Not entirely suitable for a new website:

Conversiobot is ideal for sites which already get traffic and visitors. They increase interaction. If establishing to a new website, it will not make much of a difference. Even though it increases the conversion rate but the Sample size needs to be large enough.

Only when that is the case, you can gain anything from conversiobot. If you’re installing it on a brand-new website, it might help you eventually when the traffic increases but during the initial few months, it will not be of much use.

The truth is that this technology is the future. Chat Bots can certainly help website owners increase the conversion rate.

Also, it is easy to benefit from the use of chatbots if you already have traffic. Due to this very reason, in spite of these two hindrances, conversiobot is an excellent choice when you want to increase your profits.

Is it useful for you?

Man happy on Laptop

Conversiobot is suitable for anyone who has an existing website. A large number of templates are available so that you can easily choose the template ideal for your site. If not for anything else, you can get some feedback from the visitors on how to improve your site.

It will allow you to make your website user-friendly and interactive for the visitors. Eventually, that will help you gain a high conversion rate which can help your business in the longer term.

Thus, conversiobot is helpful for every individual who owns a website which has traffic.


• Drag and drop features

• Video training

• Plenty of templates

• Easy to customize

• 30-day money back guarantee

• Affordable


• Not integrated with some email services

• Not suitable for new websites

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What Is Conversiobot: Verdict

Now that you know what conversiobot is, it is easy to understand why it is so useful for your website. In our opinion, it is a must-have tool in your arsenal. It can increase the interaction on your site.

It allows your visitors to find the information which they are searching. It is a win-win situation not just for the website owner but also for the visitors. That is why; conversiobot is one of the best tools which you should opt for when you have an existing website with traffic.