The traditional family dynamic is changing for the better. Mothers have the support to continue their careers as they see fit. Furthermore, fathers have new opportunities with paternity rights and work at home careers. Many dads want to leap upon this chance to restart their careers while caring for their kids. The problem is that they don’t always know where to start, or if it is even a good idea. The following guide for work from home dads looks at some pros and cons to this venture. It is important to appreciate the benefits of this idea – both as a worker and a parent. But, there are financial implications and massive lifestyle changes. The guide also explores some options available. This should help those that either want to adapt their career from home or start a whole new chapter.

The Benifits of Becoming a Work at Home Dad

Work From Home Dads with man on computer
There are many men that regret their decision to work such long hours in the office. While it is true that this hard work put food on the table, they were absent for many occasions and milestones. Work from home dads are there to help kids with their homework, play games with them and teach the new skills. If you choose this path, you can get to watch your children grow up and see their achievements, rather than listen to second-hand stories on weekends. Of course the benefits don’t just relate to those fatherhood goals. Many men – fathers or not – love the idea of working from home. You will no longer have to wake up so early to face that awful commute. You won’t have to spend hours in a suit, while sat in a cubicle with poor air-conditioning. Instead, you can work in your own office, in your most comfortable clothes, at a time that suits you.

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Don’t Over Look The Disadvantages Work at Home Dads Over Look

Beware of all those bloggers that paint the perfect picture of this new lifestyle. Some will lead you to believe that you can become some form of Superdad overnight. There are lots of plus sides to this change of lifestyle. However, there are downsides too. First of all, you will quickly learn precisely what it takes to care for the kids, run the home and maintain an income. Work at home moms aren’t just writing blog posts and playing with the kids. They are scheduling doctors appointments, grocery shopping, writing permission slips and dropping kids to and from school. Somewhere in the middle of that they find time to work. The best days could mean shutting down the laptop by 3pm to take the kids for ice-cream in the park. The worst could involve a stressful juggling act. Can you entertain bored toddlers while waiting for repairmen and negotiating deadlines? Multitasking takes practice.

Do you really have to put your career on hold to do this?

The simple answer here is no. You can either continue a current career in a new way, or you can start a new, more engaging one. There are those that will warn work from home dads about the implications for their career. Some see this choice as a sacrifice, with the belief that men have to put their lives on hold until the kids are older. This doesn’t have to be the case. There is a difference between the stay at home dad and the work at home dad. The former may leave employment entirely in order to focus on childcare. Some proudly refer to themselves as house-husbands. Work at home dads still want to contribute financially. They may not have the same income as before, but that might not be a problem if mom has a stable, well-paid career. On that note, make sure to really talk all this over with mom first. Make sure she is happy to support the family as you start this new chapter.

So how can fathers develop this new career path and make the most of this work at home lifestyle?

There are lots of different options available to men that want to work from home. Those with a good reputation and longstanding at work could adjust their current role. Working from home is commonplace in many organizations. Businesses are more flexible about where employees work these days. As long as the job is completed on time, and to a high standard, it could be possible to relocate to a home office. The hours may decrease, but there is no concern about building clients or learning new skills. Those that leave their job, however, need to look for a new path. Blogging is not exclusively reserved for women. There are plenty of niche areas where men can make a comfortable income. Article writing services are another great tool for those skilled with the written word. Then we go back to that idea of pursuing a passion, not a paycheck. This could be the perfect fresh start to set up that personal business you always wanted. Alternatively, you could start selling crafts via an online store.

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Work From Home Dads: Conclusion

The job of a work from home father is far from easy. It may sound like the best of both worlds, with a lighter work schedule and plenty of time with the kids. Yet, there is that issue of balancing every responsibility and task. Some work from home dads may throw themselves into a new at-home business, and neglect household jobs or appointments. Others can get so wrapped up in fatherhood duties that their income takes a hit. It may take a little time to see success with this venture. It is a gamble, and one that requires the consent and support of all involved. Still, those that are determined to succeed can thrive. It is possible to care for the kids, manage the home and run a business. It just takes dedication and some new skills. Find a viable at-home career that inspires you. Work hard to make it a success. Most importantly, enjoy your time with your children.