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Are Work From Home Jobs For Real? Are They Profitable?

Are you looking for a way to supplement your 9-5 job? Or are you a stay at home parent looking to earn some cash? When you are in such situations and have got no idea where to start from, work from home jobs may seem like an illusion. You ask yourself Are Work From Home Jobs For Real?

Maybe you have searched the internet for days and all you ever come across are scams that seek to take your money and go no where with it. If you are in such a position keep reading. So, are work from home jobs for real? Let us start by defining a work from home job and what it entails.

What are Work From Home Jobs and are they real

Work from home jobs simply refers to a large range of tasks that can be complete without the need to report to an office. If you are wondering whether they are real or not the answer is yes; they are more real than you can imagine. Work from home jobs are as real as your office work. They are available everywhere across the globe.

They are even more rewarding than office jobs and they provide endless earning potential. The mistake that most people make is to think that work from home jobs are an easy way to make money without working. With such a perception, you are more likely to be conned and end up giving up. Some of the available Work from home jobs include:

Completing Online tasks and Surveys

Providing Freelancing services of your expertise

Location Independent Employment

Affiliate Marketing and product promotion

Product creation

Forex Trading


And many more

The most prevalent work from home jobs are freelance jobs. The internet has created so many job opportunities for people who wish to work remotely. We are not talking about the survey completion tasks or any schemes you might have come across. There are real jobs for real professionals.

Freelancing entails space for real professionals who want to do their job away from the office. There are plenty of companies that offer remote jobs for skilled individuals. In fact, if you have any skills, you are better placed to start freelancing today. Some of the freelancing jobs available include:


Data entry

Online consulting



Social media marketing

Social media management

Online Tutoring


Among other jobs.

As a freelancer, you can basically do anything you would do in the real world but online. The problem for most people is usually where to start as a beginner.

How To Start Work From Home Jobs

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There are many starting points to online jobs. If you do not have qualifications for what you want to do, you need to start at a lower level. This means that you need to start learning the job as you do it. While there are many companies that allow unqualified people to start off at a lower level, but you should be prepared to earn peanuts as you develope these skills.

Before you start working for any individual or company online, you need to set your goals clear. If you are looking for a job that can simply supplement your salary for a while then you are free to take any job. However, if you are looking to build freelancing as a career, it is good to look for a job that offers you a future. This is where the need for skills come into play.

If your need is quick money, your first stop should be at freelance outsourcing sites. On such sites, you will come across plenty of companies and individuals looking for workers in almost every field. Some of the leading freelancing sites include:

-Up Work: This is a site that generally outsources all kinds of jobs to global freelancers. The jobs may range from content writing to programming and other computer skills.

Elance: Works similar to Up Work

Freelancer: Works same as Upwork and Elance.

Craigslist: People also post jobs on craigslist that can be done at home.

99designs: This is a freelancing site for web designers and computer programming.

As a beginner, working on such sites will help you build your knowledge of the online platform. It is through such sites that most people establish links with companies and manage to land a well-paying job on a long-term basis. However, working online is not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of problems you need to face before you can start earning a decent income.

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The Problem with Work From Home Jobs

The main reason why people ask are work from home jobs for real is that the market is not easy to navigate. First and foremost, there is stiff competition for work from home jobs. When you are applying for online jobs, you are competing with overseas workers who are more than willing to work for half the minimum wage.

Secondly, getting a decent paying position needs skills. Your skills should be highly valued and you should be able to prove them. This means that if you don’t have any skills you shave to go back to school.

Further, online jobs do not offer a long term guaranteed. When you land an online job you are only operating as long as your employer needs you. This raises the issue of job security.

When you are working online, the chances of increasing your income are limited. Unlike in the real world where you may get promotions and salary increments, there are little to no chances of promotion when working from home. Which means that you may be forced to remain at the same salary level for as long as you work.

On the other hand, online jobs offer plenty of opportunities. Considering that you are working from home, you can jargon between two to 3 jobs and manage to increase your earnings above what an average 9-5 employ earns. Work from home jobs have two forms of payment

Hourly Income

Statistically, an average job in the U.S will pay around $857 per week. This means that you work 9 to 5 throughout the week. This can be very tiring. However, with an online job, you can be able to make such an amount by organizing yourself in less than a week. By planning your working hours, you can increase your income by up to $1000 per week and still get time to have some fun.

2. Pay Per Project

Pay-per-project jobs are the most preferred by most freelancers. In some sense, pay-per-hour jobs have many similarities with the 9 to 5 jobs. However, if you can take on a project and complete it within a deadline for a set amount of cash, you can create plenty of time for yourself.

Do Online Jobs Allow Growth?

Most online jobs do not allow for growth. Most people get into online jobs and get stuck in one level for a long time. However, if you want to grow in online jobs, you need to look at it differently.

First, acquire skills. Once you start working, create relations by doing a good job. When you start establishing yourself online as a quality worker, you will start receiving job offers from many people and companies. In essence, building your profile is like creating a brand.

What works best in the long-term

What works in the long run for work from home jobs is to establish a business. While it is possible to earn a decent earning by working for companies and people, there is no guarantee that the jobs will last. As mentioned above, you need to build your online work profile in any sector you chose. After working for a while, start establishing your own business around your skills or passion.

If you are working as a copywriter, you may consider going into creating blogs, e-books, novels, magazines or anything that is related to your skill.

The other option may be to get into a totally different online business. For instance, today e-commerce facilitates trading across the globe. You can get into drop shipping and start retailing products. You may also choose affiliate marketing or other retailing businesses. E-commerce and online business is a wide topic.

However, it is an option you must have in mind if you are thinking of working from home for a long time. The number one platform I recommend looking into for the long term is Affiliate Marketing. That is a platform that is truly limitless when it comes to earning online IF you do it correctly.

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Are Work From Home Jobs For Real: Conclusion

So, are work from home for jobs real? You have your answer. You can start working from home today and make a decent income. However, you need to put your energy into the work. Hope this helps you along your way.